Article: List of 10 most wanted HDTV things

March 29, 2011 by is a blog we feature occasionally on Screen Sleuth, mainly because its written by a guy who knows and follows HDTV closely, and his views are usually right on the mark for the most part. Such is the case with his latest list, the 10 things HDTV owners want most.

We agree with pretty much everything, especially 1, 4 and 10 (bargains are good, more channels are always welcome, and better picture is the whole point of HD to begin with). Compression is frequently used by many cable and some satellite providers, and deprives us of the kind of visual wonder that HDTV can create.

Number 5 we aren’t so sure of (many new techs turn out to be not much better than the status quo nowadays) and number 3, eh. TV providers are in the business to make money, and will always act in their own best interest.

Enjoy the list!

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