New Tech Report: Chlorine + OLED = Miracle?

April 16, 2011 by  

Research is always finding old materials and ways to use things to make stuff better and work more efficiently, and in this case, its a substance that’s been around pretty much forever, but was never used like this.

Chlorine? Yes, it isn’t just for keeping your clothes white and your pool clean very soon. Soon, layers of it just a single atom thickness could play a huge role in OLED making, which is something we never could have predicted, to say the least.

Researchers in Canada at the University of Toronto have found that this minute amount of pool cleaner can double the efficiency of displays while knocking down complexity and driving down production costs (the best part for consumers, who love the advantages of OLED but shy away from the price tag for now).

The procedure itself is simple, involving UV light, Cl and other various other ‘sooper secret’ tech, the team was able to chlorinate standard electrode panels found in regular everyday OLEDs without having toxic gas floating around. Our prediction of inexpensive OLED’s on Wal-Mart shelves in the next few years may actually become a reality even faster now.

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