B and O strikes again: 85″ Plasma HDTV launches, and we wish our bank accounts were larger

April 21, 2011 by  

It seems our friends at Bang and Olufsen have struck again with yet another high-priced delight for the senses with their 85″ Plasma HDTV soon to launch in Moscow (and then around the world soon after we assume). Our brethren at Engadget will explain this marvel in detail:

Bang & Olufsen’s new BeoVision 4-85 isn’t just another run-of-the-mill 3D TV for the unwashed masses. It’s a really pretty 3D TV, for the refined and the opulent. The 85-inch plasma screen comes encased in a high-grade aluminum frame, and combines anti-reflection coating with automated image controls, to guarantee crystal clear, Full HD viewing at any time of day. B&O’s first foray into the 3D/Full HD realm also features a BeoLab 10 central loudspeaker, which uses Acoustic Lens Technology to deliver consistently high-frequency sounds, regardless of where you’re sitting in relation to the speaker. And, much like its 103-inch brethren, this 85-incher comes with a motorized stand, which automatically elevates and tilts the screen to ideal viewing position whenever the system is turned on. Once you’ve finished marveling at the BeoVision 4-85′s robust design, you can turn it off and watch in awe, as the display magically lowers itself to “within inches” of the floor (where, incidentally, you’ll also be able to find your jaw).

No word on price ranges, but we’ll just assume your wallet will be quite empty after getting ahold of this thing.

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