Exclusivity: Panasonic gets Avatar 3D Blu-Ray all to itself

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In an interesting bit of BR HD news, it seems the age of exclusivity deals have arrived, as Panasonic secures an exclusive deal to distribute the hit movie in the 3D Blu-Ray format. It’s a big deal for the company, even if demand early on is not expected to be overwhelming.

The exclusive will run for an unspecified period of time, probably not forever, as we expected. But during that period, Panasonic will be able to include the disc with the purchase of a Panasonic 3D HDTV, or even sell it separately at retail.

It wasn’t clear exactly how it was expected to be sold (and the company didn’t make it obvious in their recent press releases), so we’ll wait and see what happens once it hits in early December. We suspect it’ll be a bundle of some kind to push those models out the door.

Opinion: Will Avatar HD 3D Blu-Ray come out this year?

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Many are saying there isn’t any way the movie is being released this year, yet we keep hearing rumblings about Panasonic coming out with an exclusive player/TV bundled with the movie in November. Too many rumors, and too little real information, in our book.

Most opinions in the HDTV world are that we’re still in the very early adopter phase as far as 3D HDTV goes, so not to hold our breath waiting for the release this year, which would make the movie fairly old news when its released next year.

Your thoughts? Should Fox rush it out there to capitalize on the movie’s popularity, or wait and get it ‘just right’ given the issues with Blu-Rays of late? We’d love to hear your opinions on this issue, a tricky one for both Fox and the future of 3D HD.

Blu-Ray Glitches: First Avatar, now Saving Private Ryan?

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It seems Blu-Ray is getting so popular, they’re forgetting quality control in some cases. First Avatar and its numerous reported Blu-Ray issues with freezes, chapter graphics appearing without wanting them, and subtitles not appearing properly. And now reported issues with the Saving Private Ryan BR discs.

The thing: audio synchronization in at least one of the chapters of Saving Private Ryan that got past Technicolor and Paramount, and the bunch ended up being recalled. New versions will arrive at retail on the 18th — check for a yellow UPC label to make sure you’re getting a fixed disc, and you should be all set.

It’s sad to see these growing pains, but its nice to see that people are clamoring for fixed versions of BR discs, meaning enough people care to raise a fuss. HD home video has come a long way, but it still has a long way to go, apparently.

Blu-Ray News: Avatar destroys BR movie sales records

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Avatar, the blockbuster film which was released on HD Blu-ray last Thursday, has already become the best-selling Blu-ray disc ever, surpassing The Dark Knight by a wide margin already in a much shorter timeframe, further strengthening the position that Blu-Ray is still surging and is poised to take over in the home media department.

Fox has stated that Avatar sold 2.7 million Blu-ray high-def discs in the first four days (yes, that’s 4 days, boys and girls), passing The Dark Knight easily which has sold 2.5 million Blu-ray copies – in 16 months. That is fairly mind-blowing, and how about tossing in four million standard-definition DVDs in the first four days too, making it one of the best selling home discs period in the history of the medium.

So much for “no one cares about Blu-Ray” or its overpriced….it seems many do care and are active users of the HD platform, and it should continue to grow from here. Note that many were NOT waiting for the 3D version of the film, indicating a (possible) lack of demand for that sort of thing.

Dimensions Are Hot: 33% of Box Office Receipts went to 3D Movies

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Yes, we’ve bagged on 3D HDTV a bit as being strictly a “trendy” thing, but box office receipts don’t lie, and they say that people really dig 3D in general. In fact, this report from Engadget says volumes about 3D in general, at least as far as theaters go anyhow:

This one is for all of those who wonder why everyone is so 3D crazy, you see while you might think it is a gimmick, people are paying extra to go see movies in 3D at the theater. In fact since Avatar was released, 33 percent of box office earnings are from 3D movies, according to the trade group International 3D Society. Even more reason to get excited is because we’re only talking four movies here. So the next time you wonder why every TV manufacturer, cable company and set-top maker is 3D crazy, you’ll remember it’s because consumers have shown they’ll pay more for 3D, and everyone want to get in on some of that action.

So maybe it isn’t a quick, fading trend, and it may last awhile in the home arena as well, it appears.  Well, we’ve been wrong. Once or twice anyway.