‘Bang’ for your Buck: B and O Goes Cheap (Sort Of)

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We occasionally like to cover our Bang & Olufsen, due to their slickness, technology and boutique qualities. This one is more of a ‘budget minded’ model, relatively speaking of course; it seems they’ve heard wallets everywhere crying out in pain with the BeoVision 10-32:

It’s still a long way from the more budget-friendly model you may have been hoping for, but Bang & Olufsen has now at least introduced a smaller BeoVision LCD TV. That comes in the form of the company’s new 32-inch BeoVision 10-32, which hangs onto many of the features of the other BeoVision 10 series TVs, including edge LED-backlighting, a DVB-HD module, and a pair of built-in speakers that B&O says offers a sound quality that is “quite superior compared to the market level for TVs of this size” — you can even add your choice of one of two motorized stands.

The “bargain” price? Only $5,500 USD, which is a far cry from the 8-10K you’d spend on their larger model HDTVs.

B and O Strikes Again: 46″ marvel released, get your wallets ready

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100329-beovision-01Who would have thought that their 40″ HDTV would suddenly become a smaller sister? Well, this is now the case, as Bang & Olufsen have announced the upcoming release of a high-priced, super-slick 46″ monster to their lineup. We’ve covered this company before, but nothing much touches this one.

Considered the Bentley of HDTVs, this one has a lot going for it: the BeoVision 10-46, a crystal clear LED-based, 240Hz LCD panel and “sophisticated motion compensation technologies” that sport “a yet unseen level of smoothness”, according to the company. Sounds good to us.

Can you handle all this sophistication and smoothness? Maybe, maybe not, but maybe we’ll find out soon.The company is giving a April 14 release date in Denmark, and will be available this summer at the low, low price of only $9,940 USD or so. If your wallet can handle it, go for it.

Love and Appreciation: B and O 55″ marvel collects review and glowing praise

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19feb10bang0703Now you know we always appreciate 55″ of 1080p goodness from anyone and it would draw attention on this blog no matter what, but when coupled with a LED-backlit display, 6ms response time, a 4,000:1 static and completely native contrast ratio (not dynamic), and includes an integrated Blu-ray player too, and includes some of the most cool design bits in any TV ever, well attention isn’t the word. Perhaps admiration is a better word. We’ve covered these units before, but never has a TV set a reviewer to drooling like this that we’ve heard of.

The BeoVision 7-55 from Bang & Olufsen was reviewed at Flatpanels HD recently and they simply glowed over it. The motorized stand and the Blu-ray player which opens by waving a hand in front of it (yes, that’s true), finishing by describing the execution as “truly beautiful.”

Picture quality had words like “extraordinary” and “fantastic” being used, so it didn’t scrimp on actual quality as well. The only thing holding us back: the $18,700 MSRP, which would make even the biggest fan of HDTV sweat a bit.

The review is here: Link

Niche HDTV Fashion: Bang and Olufsen releases larger, gourmet version of 46″ HDTV

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beovision10-01-25-2010Bang & Olufsen is a high-end audio/video company who we’ve covered a few times on SS, and now they’re releasing a 46″ version of their BeoVision10, a 40″ model with similar feature set. Bigger as always better (usually) in the HDTV world, we always say.

It won’t come cheap, as you might expect from a fancy gourmet brand name, but it’ll make a statement, no doubt, with its brushed aluminum frame, 200Hz refresh, and LED backlight, along with great, bangin’ sound built-in. We’d compare this type of TV favorably with this Sony model feature wise.

Here’s a eye-opener though: the 40-incher cost just under $10,000 when it was released, so decide for yourself what the (unannounced as of yet) price will be. Probably $12-14K we’d guess. It’ll hit “selected markets” sometime in April (in Europe at first, most likely), according to the company’s reports and rumors circulating around.

High-End Chic: Bang & Olufsen new BeoVision 7

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beovision-7-usInto high cool factor and slick, high-end electronics with a fancy name attached? Well, Bang & Olufsen’s new BeoVision 7 has added a few new wrinkles, including Blu-Ray support.

B&O has their marketing fluff and buff engine on high speed with the latest version of the BeoVision 7-40 is the built-in 2.0 Blu-ray player, DVB-HD tuner, 40-inch LCD with 120Hz refresh, and your choice: the BeoLab 7-2 stereo soundbar or the smaller BeoLab 7-4 soundbar with Acoustic Lens included. Both have excellent sound and equally high price tags.

The retail price: over $13,500, so save up your dollar bills for this one. With a motorized stand thrown into the bargain, its all ready to be set up at your place, so no need for a stand or holder of any kind.