Super Bowl HD: Best Buy starts up HDTV specials for pigskin epic

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Every year, it seems many companies put HDTV units on sale for the big sports day, the Super Bowl, and this year is no exception.

It will feature 14 Sony TVs, and its good from January 23 to January 29, 2011. Prices are decent for the type of units they are, indeed. Here’s more info from the source:

During the promotion, Best Buy is offering discounts on 14 different Sony sets, including:

* Sony Bravia 60-inch, 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV for $1,998 ($1,001 off the regular price)
* Sony Bravia 55-inch, 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV for $1,499 ($800 off the regular price.)
* Sony Bravia 55-inch, 1080p 3D 240Hz LED HDTV for $1,798 ($1,401 off the regular price.)
* Sony Bravia 46-inch, 1080p 60Hz LCD HDTV for $763 ($86 off the regular price.)
* Sony Bravia 46-inch, 1080p 3D 240Hz LED HDTV for $1,499 ($1,000 off the regular price.)
* Sony Bravia 40-inch 1080p, 60Hz LCD HDTV for $599 ($50 off the regular price.)

We always appreciate sales, so we thought we would pass this one on to our fair readers.

Tuesday’s Tremendous HDTV Deals

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Deluxe HDTV deals are coming your way right now:

Newegg – Yes, the deals are really amazing these days at Newegg, witness this Sceptre 46″ X460BV-F120 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV for $650 (not a typo) with free shipping too. 20,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and 1080p for 6 hundred+? Amazing, though a small caveat: Bear in mind QC is a bit hit and miss with these at times.

BestBuy has a very nice deal with a solid model: the Philips 42PFL5704DF7 42” 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV for $729.99 – and with free shipping. Deals galore, and this one is very cool indeed.

Thanks for reading, more deals and steals to come in the future.

Caveat Emptor: Best Buy’s “bundle” isn’t always a great deal

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bbuy3dad031710600It’s no shock that Best Buy is wanting customers to grab up Samsung’s 3D HDTV and its Blu-ray player together (they go together like peanut butter and jelly, sorta), but buyers in the know should make sure they’re really saving money before they plunk down their wallet.

Next week’s ad does feature the UN55C7000 at a decent price that happens to be $300 lower than the MSRP, and grabbing the display and player all at once gets a free Starter Pack throw in with two pairs of 3D glasses and the Monsters vs. Aliens Blu-Ray too, so at first glance it appears to be a very nice offer.

Now look at the $3,419 package at the lower right and its “$780″ claimed savings. Now that deal includes their $150 Geek Squad install to set up the TV and its little goodies. If you’re an experienced HDTV person, and don’t want to pay for Best Buy’s “extras”, feel free to skip this and set up your own TV. More money for more blu-ray discs and glasses, we say.

So make sure to read all the fine print on any HDTV bundle, to make sure you don’t get taken advantage of.

Wednesday’s Wonderful HDTV Deals

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89-187-104-S01Here they are, more great deals on fine HDTV products from various sources:

Newegg has a fine Panasonic TC-P50X1 50″ VIERA 720p Plasma TV for $700 + $20 shipping = $720 total. We’ve covered ad nauseum how great Panny Plasmas are, so grab this one for a song.

BestBuy has the Insignia NSLBD32X10A 32” 1080p LCD HDTV With built-in Blu-ray Player (awesome!) for $599.99 with free in-store pickup too, if you happen to be near one. One of the cooler deals we’ve seen.

Thanks for reading, and please do return!

Big, Big, BIG: Blu-Ray sale at Best Buy (brought to you by the letter ‘B’)

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Best Buy is having a huge BR sale right now, with prices on mainstream movies as low as we’ve ever seen them, pretty much. Dark Knight for $14.99 on Blu-Ray?


Yep, it’s true, as you can see. Lots of other favs too; The Matrix, Fargo, etc for $10-15 brand new. Hard to foresee prices going any lower on big time BR discs anytime soon, so jump on this while you can. Now word on when this sale will end, but it will, and you’ll be sorry if you’re a BR completist (which a few of you reading this are, no doubt).

Sales Race: Wal-Mart and Best Buy Battling in Blu-Ray Sales Share

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Walmart-Best-BuyWalmart and Best Buy (if reports are to be believed) are locked in combat over market sales share in overall Blu-ray disc sales, The NPD Group is indicating. A war over HD content is a good thing, in our opinion; better prices for the consumer and better quality for everyone, as we’ve espoused many times.

Wal-Mart has grabbed a 30% market share in Blu-ray sales in the last three months, with Best Buy close behind at 29% or so. The mass retailer had been trailing behind Best Buy previously at only 20% of share, but has stepped up their marketing of the HD format greatly over the holiday season, and with their power and distributing muscle, it’s no shock the gap closed pretty quickly.

As long as the praises of Blu-Ray are being sung, we’re a happy bunch indeed.

Best Buy and Deals: Some breakthrough HDTV prices being posted

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best_buy_logoBest Buy hasn’t always been identified with the greatest prices in the world really, but hey, now they’re trying, at least when it comes to HDTVs. Their latest offers are pretty darn solid, as posted by

They wrote about the Dec. 13th circular released with some of the lowest prices on some models ever posted, something we heartily approve of here at Screen Sleuth, being ones who always love to get the latest HDTV units and save money too. Feel free to check it out.

Feel free to look here to see all the deals, bundles and even Amazon comparisons too.

Opinion: Where do I get cheap Blu-Ray movies?

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bfad_sears_blu-rayNow that the holidays and Black Friday is fast approaching, thoughts turn to HDTV movie entertainment, via Blu-Ray discs.  But where can the deals be found, even before the holiday season is fully upon us?

Culling the comments of people from many sources, it appears Best Buy is a great place to grab BRs at a pretty cheap price, with regular 30% off sales and the like. is also a popular destination for BR fanatics to fill up their movie collections at a very fair price.

Blu-Ray machines themselves are poised to be as low as they’ve ever been this holiday season, so it stands to reason that discs will go down accordingly as well.

Where do you, our readers, shop for the best BR deals?

Value Added: Best Buy to release bargain HDTV/Blu-Ray combo unit soon

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ns-lbd32x_blu-ray_lcdAre we shocked that Best Buy/Insignia will offer a 1080p LCD with Blu-ray player built-in for as low as $599 soon?

Not really, as we’ve been expecting units from overseas to hit the value market here in the US for quite some time.

Marked “coming soon” on their site/stores, when it hits, players like Sharp will be forced to respond, as it will easily fall $200-300 cheaper than a comparable unit from them.  Specs are spotty at the moment, but we aren’t necessarily expecting a state of the art kind of unit stats wise for this price point, but solid and decent more than likely.

Wal-Mart, its your turn now. It’ll be interesting to see how they respond to this “challenge” of sorts.

Thursday’s HDTV Deals

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8632875_rbOnce again, we peruse the depths of the internet and find out the very best HDTV deals around. Here they are: – Here’s a Sony KDL37M4000 Bravia 37” M4000 720p LCD HDTV for $679.99 – and free shipping. Sony BRAVIAs have been among the better reviewed TVs out there for awhile now, and at this price, you can’t lose. – Sometimes store brands can really save a lot of cash for the bigger sizes. A case in point: The Insignia NSLCD47HD09 47” 1080p Flat-Panel LCD HDTV for $797.99 with free shipping too. One of the best prices on a 1080p panel this size we’ve seen, and some sources say LG actually makes these for Best Buy.

Grab these up and we’ll see all of you soon!