CES 2011: Summary of Best Stuff (that we haven’t covered already)

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CES 2011 is over and the highlights are legion, including lots of 3D developments, new models and other such news. Here our friends at Engadget have summarized the best of the rest, and given us a nice concise rundown for your reading pleasure.

Feel free to read, and drool over the coming growth in the world of HDTV, and get as excited as we are. Samsung and Panasonic in particular have some pretty neat stuff on the way, and we can’t wait to report it to you right here on these pages.

Thanks for reading on this fine Saturday!

The CES HDTV Mega-Guide, courtesy of Engadget HD

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ces2009-hdtvs-main-picA whole slew of HDTV related models and announcements punctuated this years CES, and we’ve been looking for one article to detail all the new models, changes and highlights. We’ve now found just such an article: one published today by Engadget HD that goes thru each company and of their new models, release dates, etc.

The article features full pictures and highlights of each company’s offerings. It appears LG and Samsung are the most active in terms of new or updated models, which shouldn’t surprise anyone who follows the HD industry intently; they’ve been the most active in new developments (and sales among non-Walmart vendors) the last 6 months or so.

Feel free to walk over and take a look at this one, but put aside a half-hour or so to digest it all: Link

HDTV expected to steal much of the limelight at CES 2009

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156382-ces_180b_originalAs far as CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2009 goes this year, it’s the year of the HDTV. News about various developments with HDTV’s are expected to grab most of the spotlight, with several content based and intriguing new internet/TV convergence models on display, along with possibly one of the thinnest model LCD’s ever created (detailed here in an earlier post).

LG and Samsung both have big news to deliver on the HDTV front with their content-based partnerships (LG with Netflix and Samsung with Yahoo) which will usher in the new thinking with HDTVs, that internet and television should be one single medium, with streaming content available on demand 24/7. Samsung will also unveil their ultra-thin new LCD line of TV’s at this year’s event.

Turnout for CES is not expected to be record-breaking, but solid, which is the best to hope for in this economic climate, to be certain. But not for lack of amazing tech stories, that’s for sure. New advances in HDTV will keep the press hopping, and we at Screen Sleuth will keep you informed as to any new goodies that come down the pike. Commence drooling.