HD Tomfoolery: Dish Network ’200 HD Channel’ offer a scam?

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We spotted a very interesting article and satellite companies and the number of HD channels they claim to offer, a common sore spot for us in previous articles, posted by the website TVPredictions.com. The author had a very interesting exchange with a Dish Network rep that bears reading, for sure.

Here’s the link: Link

And a very telling quote:

That’s right. Dish issued a press release earlier in the day that it now had 200 national HD channels, but it couldn’t tell anyone what they were because it had to be kept secret. (FYI — I refused to accept the offer of getting the information on background.)

By this time, needless to say, I had come to the conclusion that Dish’s claim of having 200 national HD channels was bogus and possibly the most amateurish attempt at manipulating the media I’ve seen in three decades of journalism.

How awful. HD needs to represented and treated properly, not lied about and treated with marketing speak. First DirecTV and now Dish lying about their HD channel coverage. Hopefully, the proper FCC authorities get wind of this and do something about it.

Thought: Is there such a thing as just HD TV service?

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dish_network041108We’ve gotten this question a few times, just because some of our users and readers won’t watch anything below 720p as a matter of principle.

As far as we know, Dish Network’s TurboHD is the only sort of service like this we know of, and its a shame. There now would be a market for this kind of thing, assuming other providers would jump in. It seems many are happy with the service, but wish that Comcast or some other large provider would provide a service like this.

We don’t blame users, but feel free to chime in: would you pay for a high quality all HD service with hundreds of channels? Or did the failure of previous attempts seal the fate of ventures like these?