Get The Samsung HL61A650 61″ DLP HDTV For Less Than You Expect

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Samsung HL61A650 61 DLP HDTV Display

It used to be that DLP televisions provided an amazing visual experience, but they were big and bulky so you had to make a difficult choice between a great picture at a lesser price or slimmer TV depth from Plasma and LCDs at a higher price. Thankfully TV technology has produced better television models in all categories with drastically improved pictures in ever thinner models and the same is true with DLPs. Although a DLP television isn’t quite as thin as a Plasma or LCD, they are much less expensive in larger screen sizes. If you ever thought that you might be hard-pressed to find a 61″ screen for under $1500, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise, because there’s just happens to be a model from Samsung under $1300.

Samsung has a DLP television that will literally blow you away with its full HD picture that provides stunningly fluid motion with crystal clear resolution and true-to-life colors. The Samsung HL61A650 is an awesomely large 61″ and has settings that allow for optimized viewing of movies, games, sports and more so you’ll find complete viewing enjoyment no matter what you watch. Not only will get the best viewing options of today on the HL61A650, but also the viewing capabilities that are in-store for the future which includes 3D viewing. That’s right, this 61″ Samsung DLP is 3D HD ready but will require compatible glasses and hardware that will allow you to watch 3D programming when it’s available. Weighing the size, price and performance, this is a truly exceptional HDTV buy. With its outstanding performance and future 3D viewing capabilities in a thinner design than other DLPs at a price that is almost unbelievably low, you can’t go wrong in buying the Samsung HL61A650 61″ DLP HDTV.

In the ridiculous Size vs. Price Department: A 73-inch HDTV for $2,299?

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Comments Off is now selling a Mitsubishi 73-inch 1080p HDTV for $2,299 — 23 percent off the suggested list price. The DLP set, model WD-73736, has a five-star customer rating, 3 HDMI 1.3 inputs and is 3D-ready for both games and movies. It’s gotten strong reviews over most of the net. That’s just crazy size for the price.

The set, which weighs just 96 pounds, also has a built-in QAM cable TV tuner, delivers a picture in 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and it’s now in stock 9as of now anyway). It also has a customer rating of five stars out of five on the Amazon site.

Note: prices change regularly due to supply and demand, so it may or may not be there later. But the price is valid as of this posting.

See it here.

HDTV Highlights: Recap Gallery #1

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Sharp Aquos LC46D62U 46

Sharp Aquos LC46D62U 46″ Full HD LCD TV


Olevia 252TFHD 52

Olevia 252TFHD 52″ LCD TV


Philips 42PFP5332D/37 42

Philips 42PFP5332D/37 42″ Plasma HDTV


Panasonic TH-50PH10UK 50

Panasonic TH-50PH10UK 50″ HD Plasma Television


JVC LT37X688 37

JVC LT37X688 37″ LCD Full-HDTV


Maxent MX-58HPT51 58

Maxent MX-58HPT51 58″ Plasma HDTV


Vizio VW47LF 47

Vizio VW47LF 47″ 1080P LCD HDTV with Built-in Digital Tuner


Sharp AQUOS LC32D62U 32

Sharp AQUOS LC32D62U 32″ 1080p LCD HDTV


Mitsubishi WD-57734 57

$100 Rebate on Mitsubishi WD-57734 57″ 1080p DLP HDTV & RCA DVD Player


Samsung LN-T4061F 40? LCD HDTV

Samsung LN-T4061F 40″ LCD HDTV


LG 47LB5D 47



JVC LT47X788 47



$100 Rebate on Mitsubishi WD-57734 57″ 1080p DLP HDTV & RCA DVD Player

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Mitsubishi WD-57734 57
If you’re going to go all out on a brand new television, you should really take advantage of a package deal that offers a TV with a DVD player, and a $100 rebate. When you buy this Mitsubishi DLP, you’ll get not only a large 57″ DLP television that displays a crisp picture with vivid colors, but you’ll also get an RCA DVD player. With 80% more color than a standard HDTV the Mitsubishi 57″ 1080p DLP HDTV & RCA Upconvert DVD Player w/ $100 Rebate is the best deal you’ll find. Experience the best picture on a TV with Mitsubishi’s 6 color light processor and get the $100 mail-in rebate when you purchase before 1/31/2008.

Mitsubishi 57″ DLP HDTV w/DVD Player Mail-In Rebate $100
Offer Expires: 01/31/2008

Mitsubishi WD-73734 73″ DLP HDTV

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When you need a really big screen to watch your favorite shows or a really great movie then look at the Mitsubishi WD-73734 DLP HDTV That’s 73 inches of viewing pleasure with a wider range of colors than ever before because of its 6-Color Light Engine giving not just a big screen, but a clear crisp vivd picture.