TV Related and the Quote of the Week: Cablevision ends standoff with Fox

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Occasionally, we’ll bring you news that’s only slightly HD related, in this case, the quote from the affected company was too good not to cover. Read on and prepare to chuckle:

Evidently missing the first two games of the World Series was about all Cablevision thought it subscribers could take, as news just hit the wire: the fourteen-day standoff is over and both tonight’s game three of the World Series and tomorrow’s Jets vs Packers game are available to subscribers. While these carriage disputes are pretty common, it is very rare for channels to be pulled and downright unheard of for a channel as popular as Fox. It came to this because Cablevision was very unhappy about News Corp’s new terms and after many pleas to the FCC and politicians to intervene, an advertising campaign, and eventually an unaccepted offer to match the price that Time Warner Cable pays, a deal has finally been done. Not exactly all’s well that ends well, though, as Cablevision released the following statement: “In the absence of any meaningful action from the FCC, Cablevision has agreed to pay Fox an unfair price for multiple channels of its programming including many in which our customers have little or no interest.”

Wow, read that again. Amazing honesty from Cablevision, even if it will probably pass its costs to the consumer down the road.

HD or Not: Fox’s broadcast of NLCS baseball games not up to snuff?

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There have been many grumblings and complaints about Fox’s MLB NLCS coverage, including the distracting little “pitch location” graphic on the side of every pitch, but nothing beats the complaint leveled against the broadcasts; they’re not “real” HD at all, but enhanced SD, even on HD feeds.

This would be quite shameful given the resources of a company like Fox, to cheap out on baseball’s biggest stage with substandard HD feeds.

The Fox picture has been a mess, lacking detail and clarity typical of an HD program. The centerfield camera is really bad, displaying a picture that appears as if filtered with a Brillo pad. That’s really bad for a billion dollar corporation and a program that will grab millions of viewers.

HD won’t catch on for real as a mainstream format if companies don’t really show what it can do. Here’s to hoping there’s enough people complaining that Fox reconsiders their feeds next year and that it improves during the World Series, which Fox will be carrying.