More Google TV Fun: Toshiba and Vizio to jump on the bandwagon next year

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It appears Google TV has been a moderate success, at least with TV execs. It appears (according to Engadget and various other blogs and sites) that HDTV makers Toshiba and Vizio will be joining the G-TV parade in January or so of next year. Read for more info:

Content providers might be banning Google TV left, right, and center, but hardware partners don’t seem to be losing any enthusiasm. After Samsung openly admitted to contemplating a HDTV with Google TV hardware and software built right in, Toshiba and Vizio are now said to have firm plans to introduce such new products at January’s CES 2011. While neither manufacturer would be drawn into confirming this latest bit of insider info, Toshiba’s American GM, Jeff Barney, is quoted as saying, “Google certainly is a key partner for us on the PC side and will likely be key for us on the TV side as well.” How else could Google function as a key TV partner than with its web-connected TV experience?

Hopefully, this will convince content providers that GTV is worth supporting and lift their embargo of the service. We aren’t holding our breath to be honest, but we can always hope.

Browsing for Opinions: Do you do the web on your HDTV?

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We all know that HDTV units do more and more non-TV stuff these days, including local weather reports, Facebook, and sports scores, and that also includes browsing the web, with a small window still devoted to watching TV in some cases. Google TV recently released, and that will no doubt swell the ranks of users who utilize their HDTVs for surfing the web, but we’re curious about how deep the market penetration is on this feature.

So we ask our loyal readers: Do you browse on your HDTV? What type of sites translate well to a HDTV experience? Is the convenience worth the extra initial unit cost and setup?

Our thoughts is that it still has a ways to go to really become a mainstream way of surfing the web, but then again, prices are coming down far enough now to where that might not be a far-off thing.

New News: Google TV arrives in stores?

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It appears that Sony and Google HDTV alliance has begun, as many blogs are reporting early releases on the new platform, and the world of interactive HDTV content may never be the same again. Read on to see more about it from Engadget:

Sony told us that Best Buy wouldn’t begin selling its Google TV sets until October 24, but it looks like that wasn’t quite right — sources within the big box retailer tell us the TVs have already arrived, and will be free for all to purchase when an October 17th street date breaks tomorrow morning. The scrap of paper you see above goes on to suggest that full shipments may not actually arrive until the 19th and that the Logitech Revue won’t appear until the 20th, but if you’re looking to get a nice big NSX without hunting for a Sony Style store, it’s definitely worth a shot.

It’s a big-time hype release, and we’ll have some coverage on it soon when it releases officially and we get some hands-on reports into our greedy fingers.