Saturday’s Satisfying HDTV Deals

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Now its time to let you in on some great HDTV offers, starting right now. Read on, HDTV lover:

Dell Home sometimes has some great HDTV offers, such as the Vizio VF552XVT 55” 1080p 240Hz LED HDTV for $2099.99 – $500 coupon code we happily supply you with: “6BP4F82T2VSJ97″ (Expires 07/22/2010) = $1599.99 with free shipping as well. First class deal on a first class set!

Newegg has the Hannspree ST329MUB 32″ 1080p 60Hz LCD HDTV for $360 + $2 shipping = $362 shipped. Now its tough to beat this sort of offer, good for any side TV for any room in the house, and with 10,000:1 contrast ratio, it’ll look amazing.

Thanks for reading and please come back for even more amazing offers in the future!

Mirror, Mirror: Hannspree adds two new HDTVs …with a catch

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20090811-hannspree_st251_st281Notice something odd about the picture? Well, it isn’t your eyes: This is Hannspree’s two new LCD TVs bound for the UK, the 25-inch ST251 (left, £269/$449) and the 28-inch ST-281 (right, £329/$549).

You noticed that the ST251 is a true 16:9 set, but the ST281 packs 1920×1200 pixels into its unusual 16:10 aspect ratio — while limiting PC mode to only 1280×1024 pixels. It’s a weird decision that may put some buyers off.

If you’re picky about your aspect ratio (and some HD fanatics really are), 16:10 may be a big difference, but the fact remains: filling the screen with 16:9 stuff will involve some stretching, cropping, and/or black bars, but it will feature their exclusive 10,000:1 X-Contrast dynamic contrast ratio, so the pic will be pretty nice indeed.

Not big enough for your appetite? Hannspree is swearing even bigger TVs will come out later in the year.

New Release News: The HANNSG HH251HP 25″ LCD HDTV

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hannsg_hh251hp_lcd_01HANNSG (actually designed by Hannspree) has announced the release of a solid new 25″ LCD HDTV to its line in the form of the HH251HP. The stats looks good, and it appears to be something people may have to look at when deciding on a new HDTV.

This widescreen LCD supports a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (so it is a full 1080p TV) and has 5ms response, 800:1 contrast ratio (15,000:1 Dynamic ratio), and two 1.5W speakers as well. All solid stats given its size and price.

It also comes with several ports too, including D-Sub, DVI and dual HDMI connections. The HH251HP can be acquired for £183.99 ($298 USD) and comes with a 3-year warranty as part of the deal. Not bad at all. It should be in stores in the next few weeks or so, starting in Europe and spreading across the globe over time.

Low Cost 1080p: Hannspree 25″ 1080p HDTV

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myphoto-141080p has usually been very expensive in the past, usually a 25% premium or so over 720p. Well, that gap has closed the last few months or so, and it closed pretty quickly with this new release from Hannspree.

Hannspree has just announced its new 25″ HDTV for the US market (after being available overseas for awhile). This very budget-friendly units supports 1080p and a 2ms response time, 10,000:1 contrast ratio, and very solid viewing angles.

It also includes two HDMI ports and a PC audio jack, along with other connectors, so its pretty complete. The ST251MKB will be soon be available at retail (starting at Costco) for $399, which is among the lowest for a 1080p this size.

Get An Affordable Television In The Hannspree Hannswing LT35-32U1-000 32″ LCD HDTV

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Hannspree Hannswing 32 720p LCD HDTV

A brand new flatscreen television doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive anymore, and you’ll find that you can have all the great features you want in an LCD HDTV for about $500. Hannspree has designed some unique looking televisions that are both sleekly attractive to the eye and produce an onscreen picture that will be sure to keep your attention. With the Hannswing LT35-32U1-000 you’ll get a television with a slick design that will impress you with its superior quality picture and great sound from the two built-in speakers that produce a combined 24 watts for a total audio visual experience. Although it is on the smaller end of the television spectrum, it’s 32″ widescreen will ensure that the Hannspree Hannswing LT35-32U1-000 will fit in even the smallest room of your house while providing big viewing opportunities, and the onscreen images are sure to be crisp with its 1200:1 contrast ratio and highly detailed thanks to the 1080i and 720p signal compatibility. An high-definition television of this size with it’s amazingly low price makes it perfect as an oversized computer monitor, and will accommodate and connect with your other digital devices making it very versatile for everyday use as more than just a television. When a new high-definition television is on your shopping list but you’re on a restricted budget, then buy the Hannspree Hannswing LT35-32U1-000 32″ LCD HDTV and get a great television at an affordable price.