Bite of the Apple: Apple to launch HDTV next year?

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Reports are filtering out the Apple is preparing to possibly launch an HDTV model next year sometime, based on rumors dripping from various offices around the world. It could be a huge lightning rod for Apple users and non-users alike to become Apple-disciples.

The maker of the iPhone and the iPod are readying their manufacturing partners to prepare for the equipment demand, and once its announced, ripples could quickly follow. Here’s a quick note from regarding this news:

The New York Post writes today that investment firm Piper Jaffray has alerted clients that Apple has invested $3.9 billion in companies involved in LCD panel manufacturing. Piper Jaffray says Apple is likely gearing up to introduce its own branded TV.

Apple has targeted the living room with its $99 Apple TV set-top box which streams movies and TV shows over the Net to the television. However, the company has yet to make a substantial investment in TV-related projects. At least, until now.

Now we haven’t seen any solid reports regarding this, but the chum is in the water, so to speak.

Hard Copy: Many Blu-Ray users still prefer the real thing

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According to an article by Home Media Magazine,the internet-connected Blu-Ray player crowd hasn’t quite fulfilled the prophecy of downloaded media taking over the world quite yet: only 17 percent of consumers who own Blu-ray players connected to the internet have downloaded a movie rental. It seems hard copies are still the preference in the group, bucking a well-publicized trend of downloads slowing leeching from disc sales.

Many industry and Wall Street analysts have forecasted that a download system like Vudu, Netflix and the like will take over home entertainment media. That may still happen, but it isn’t happening right now, it appears.

To see a real contrast of styles and attitude: 75% of iPhone and iPod Touch users have downloaded music or videos onto their player. Totally different markets, it appears.

An Apple HDTV with integrated iTunes on the horizon?

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In an telling and interesting interview with CNet UK, Jason Calacanis, who is the founder of several tech sites/blogs, revealed that Apple is planning to release an Apple LCD HDTV very soon with lots of Apple-themed¬†integrated goodies included. Since LG-Philips provides LCD panels/internals for the company’s current mammoth 30″ monitor, it could mean that the new HDTV product will use larger size LG-Philips LCD panels, which could be a huge boon for the electronics company.

According to Calacanis, the HDTVs will come integrated with Apple TV functionality built-in. The iTunes store will be a integrated part of the Apple HDTV, offering services such as HD movie rentals and other iTunes related services, built right into the set. It’ll be a mover retail wise, for sure, if and when it does happen. An iPod touch or iPhone will be used to control the HDTV via Apple’s Remote, of course.

Apple is making some bold moves in the market right now, and asserting itself as a strong force in the media world.