Big Time: Toshiba Power TV runs on integrated battery

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It seems the world of big screen LED HDTV has merged with the world of built-in batteries in a very nice marriage indeed, according to Toshiba. A 32″ LED HDTV running on a battery? Yes indeed. Read on:

Toshiba just announced its new Power TV family of battery-powered LED TVs. Mind you, these aren’t tiny portables. Toshiba’s PC 1 sets are pushing 32- or 24-inches and are the world’s first (according to Toshiba) to integrate a rechargeable battery good for about two hours of power. Why? Because even people lacking clean, consistent power desire the mind-numbing escape afforded by a large televised football match. The sets feature “auto signal booster” tech to enhance viewing in areas with weak signal coverage and “auto view” to optimize the picture based on ambient lighting conditions.

Now these have many uses, including areas with spotty electric service, or even to take along on a very modern camping trip of some sort.

Premature Savings: Amazon launches Pre-Black Friday sales

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It appears the trend (as we predicted) towards launching pre-Black Friday sales is in full swing, as Amazon got into the party with a great deal on a 55″ HDTV, as written about here:

Amazon today is launching an early Black Friday sale, starting with a Toshiba 55-inch LED HDTV for 50 percent off.

The set, model 55UX600U, normally costs $2,399 but is available today for $1,199 while supplies last. The 55-inch TV is Net enabled and features Net services such as Vudu, a VOD service.

Now 50% off is an amazing deal, especially given its size and features, and it isn’t even November yet! We like the trend, and this season should see HDTV ownership skyrocket due to decreasing prices and great deals that should be offered. Offer subject to selling out of course.

Rock The LED: KISS-Licensed HDTVs soon to be released?

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Now here’s an idea we heard about from Engadget that has us pretty psyched (or scared, one or the other): KISS licensed LED HDTV models for any rock n roll fan out there you wish to treat this winter. More here:

Legendary rockers are releasing officially-licensed LED HDTVs, available in 55-, 46-, 42-, and 32-inch (aka “Mini Kiss,” to no one else but the Engadget staff) variants, priced between $818.88 and $1,988.88 (and unless we’re mistaken by the wording, buying the 55-inch model also nets you a 32-incher) and on sale now online / in-store mid-November. Each set has the Kiss logo emblazoned on each bottom corner, and you’ll be rocked — nay, rawked — by eight seconds of the band’s imagery every time you turn it on. The TVs are produced by Roundtable Concepts.

It’s a little silly, but hey, if it floats your boat, go for it.

Newness News: Toshiba releasing LED HDTV series in the US

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Toshiba hasn’t been quiet all this time, they’re releasing a group of gorgeous Toshiba HDTVs that was previewed at IFA, and they’re coming to a living room near you, assuming you’re in the USA.

Just as we expected, Toshiba has come out with the US variants of its well-regarded LED-based Cinema Series, with the big-time WX800 models (46- and 55-inches) getting 3D Resolution+ technology, 240Hz processor, 802.11b/g/n WiFi included, the company’s own Enhanced NET TV service with the always fun Yahoo! widgets and a native 1080p panel too. We’re out of breath from all that, and you may be too when you get this in your living room.

The lower end VX700 models (again, 46- and 55-inches) is meant for those ok with 2D (read: most of us right now), but are fairly similar aside from that.

Thursday’s (Again) Thrilling HDTV Deals

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The last time these deals were thrilling was here. It’s been awhile, so let’s revisit the thrill once again: has a very nice Panasonic TC-L42D2 42” 1080p 120Hz LED LCD HDTV for $823.00 – 4% off coupon we supply you with: “AFL4COUPON” = $790.08 with free shipping. For LED that’s pretty amazing we have to say.

Tiger Direct has a great deal on a top of the line smaller model: the AOC LE23H062 23″ Edgelit LED HDTV for $230 + $9 shipping = $239 shipped. First class tech, third class price; the kind of deals we love.

Thanks for reading and join us again soon for more amazing deals!

High-End: Loewe displays new upscale Connect LED HDTVs, wallets prepare for impact

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It seems high-end is slowly coming back into vogue, as the economy very slowly recovers from the abyss. Loewe has noticed, and has stomped onto the scene with an upcoming HDTV LED setup that should make many drool. Here’s more info to chew on:

Ultra high-end German television maker Loewe revealed at IFA that its 32-inch and 42-inch Connect LED line will be refreshed with 200Hz edge LED backlit panels and improved MediaNet connectivity. Specifically MediaNet has been revamped to feature a new LAN interface for streaming local video or audio content on the TV’s integrated DVR as well as from DLNA compatible devices and online sources. A so-called “Follow Me” feature is another handy addition that allows users to easily transfer a program in progress from TV to another display for completion — which should prove useful to shipping magnates who prefer passing out to Titanic in bed after starting in the jacuzzi. Trusted Reviews also reports that Loewe, along with Sharp and Philips, is promoting web-based services built on CE-HTML that are optimized for TV displays, and even demoed a version of the BBC’s iPlayer using the technology behind closed doors. Style-wise, the luxury set will ship in three colors along with a choice of stand and a 2.1 speaker setup when it hits the UK this November.

No prices set yet, but we aren’t expecting to see this in the bargain aisle at Wal-Mart, in our expert estimation.

Eyes On Preview: LG’s LEX8 ‘Nano LED’ dazzles

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We reported on this future marvel a little bit ago, and according to many blogs and reports, it is pretty amazing to look at, both in terms of bezel thinness and actual picture quality, a combo of which we’re quite fond of. Picture is courtesy of Engadget, and it shows off a mighty impressive unit we think will make a big splash when it debuts.

We always have extorted the wonders of LG on this blog, and it appears they’ve outdone themselves, if anything with this latest display. They tout the thinnest of any LCD LED TV out there right now, even if the bottom part grows ever wider with having to stuff things onto it that used to be in the back.

Still, LG’s LEX8 8.8mm thick LCD is razor thin and the picture quality with the localized “Nano LED” dimming is stellar; with many bloggers reporting the best overall sharpness of any unit at the IFA show this year.

Monday’s Mad HDTV Offers

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Not mad as in ‘angry’, mad as in crazy good. There. Now that’s we’ve settled that little mystery, allow us to list some really great HDTV offers for this fine Monday:

Sams Club has the Vizio M221NV 22″ Razor LED 1080p 60Hz HDTV for $239 – with free shipping. The finest in bedroom watching devices out there right now, pretty much, and for a song too! Valid only for a few days, so jump on this one.

Best Buy has a great deal on a decent size HDTV: The 46″ Insignia NS-40E560A11 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV for $899. Amazing. Make sure to select in-store pickup to save on shipping, otherwise it’s $70 to ship, but even that is really amazing for LED HDTV of this size.

Thanks for reading and have a good one!

Seeing the Light: LG to release a new HDTV with ‘Nano LED’ feature

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LG is one of our fav companies out there now in the HDTV world, and now they’re releasing a HDTV model with some cool sounding new tech that should serve to make HDTV more fun and brighter to watch, it seems. Read on to see more details:

Now that LED backlighting has trickled down to nearly every HDTV lineup, it appears the big manufacturers will have to find new ways to differentiate their products, like LG’s upcoming LEX8 television. Set to debut at IFA in Berlin before going on sale in Germany and Korea next month (no word on the US), LG claims that thanks to a ‘thin film of miniscule dots positioned in front of a full array of LEDs’ its Nano Lighting technology — perhaps of the Nanosys variety it licensed earlier this year — makes for a clearer, smoother picture, with the slimmest and narrowest outline of any LED TV, ever, at just .88cm thick with a 1.25cm bezel.

Prices/exact availability hasn’t been released yet, but we aren’t expecting super soon – or super cheap.

Wednesday’s Wacky HDTV Deals

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It’s hump day of the week, and that means getting together enough energy to get through the week and keep your sanity. Hopefully, these amazing HDTV offers can help in some small way: – Here’s a very solid offer: a Proscan 47LED55SA 47” LED LCD 1080p 120Hz HDTV for $849.00 with free shipping. LED HDTV models are really starting to come down in price, and here’s the proof. has a very nice deal on the ever-popular LG product line: the 42LH200C 42” 720p LCD TV for $599.95 with free shipping.

Check out these cool deals and join us again tomorrow for more happenings in the world of HDTV.

Thursday’s Thrilling HDTV Deals

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Deals and more deals, today is a day of deals for HDTV lovers. Try these out for size:

Walmart – Yes, its not a huge brand, but how can you beat a Viore 22″ LED22VF60 1080p LED LCD HDTV for $198, and with free shipping too? LED for a song? Indeed. – An amazing deal on the LG 42SL80 42″ 1080p 240Hz LCD HDTV for $830, and includes free shipping. 240Hz for $800, yes. It’s still amazing how far prices have fallen, and it’ll only get better.

Feel free to check these out, and join us again tomorrow for even more savings, news and HDTV fun.

Android and HDTV: GPNC Korea giving it a shot, apparently (with caveat)

April 17, 2010 by  
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We’ve reported that Android TVs have been flagged as too expensive to produce by some companies already, but some companies overseas don’t see it that way apparently. Witness this story reported by several blogs, including Engadget:

Anyone opposed to another Android packing TV announced by a foreign manufacturer of questionable validity? We figured you weren’t, so say hello to GPNC Korea’s television running Android 1.5 on a 833 Mhz ARM Cortex A8 chip. While it’s claiming NTSC and ATSC support among other broadcast standards, the USA doesn’t appear to have made the cut for availability, with 10 different countries including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Poland, Australia and Dubai. Practically identical to People of Lava’s effort, it is slated for 42-, 47- and 55-inch LED-backlit versions with no real price or date, and even this promo pic looks very familiar. GPNC managed to keep the screen clear of error messages this time, but its website is flagged by Google as “dangerous” so we’d probably wait for something more official before making any attempts to preorder.

Now that last bit makes us nervous, but we assume its only a matter of time before some mainstream brand in the States releases something similar to this. Android is too flexible and easy to manipulate for widget-conscious HDTV manufacturers to ignore for long.

Monday’s HDTV Deals Madness

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hot-dealsDeals abound once again in our HDTV offers post for the week, check them out below: – Not cheap, but if you have the budget, this is a fabulous offer: the Samsung PN58B860 58” 1080p Plasma HDTV for $2379.00 with free shipping as well. Amazon loves to spring offers like this once in awhile. Huge TV, and one of the better reviewed ones out there.

BestBuy – We love ourselves some LG, and this LG 42LE5400 42” 1080p LED HDTV for $1256.99 and free shipping is about as good as it gets for huge quality TV viewing.

Thanks for reading, and have a happy HD day!

Revealed: Sony 3D HDTV Pricing

April 4, 2010 by  
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lx900We’ve been awaiting for some US pricing details on Sony’s 3DTV line for awhile now, and while SonyStyle still shows only a rather unhelpful “notify me,” link, is listing (official?) pricing info for the LX900 (shown in the pic), HX900 and HX800 model 3D LCDs, something we wish Sony would do.

As per usual, preorder pricing can change pretty quickly, but right now $1,799 gets you a 40″ LED edge lit XBR-40LX900 with integrated 3D, WiFi and face-tracking, all the way up to the monster, living-room-filling 60″ version at a hefty $3,779.  Prices are actually a little below what was expected, especially for Sony.

The HX900 (LED backlit) and HX800 (LED edge lit) are both “3D capable,” which means they require a separate emitter plus the shutter glasses to really make it sing. These will be released early this summer, but at least you know how quarter rolls to stash away to get these beauties.

Wednesday’s HDTV Deals

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392174Yet more amazing deals we scour the internet to bring to you, so feel free to stare, gawk and generally be amazed: has a very nice Panasonic TC-P50C2 50” Viera 720p Plasma for $719.99 with free shipping too, and that’s a heck of a deal for a company whose specialty seems to be of the Plasma persuasion. Check it out. has an LED wonder, the Sharp AQUOS LC-40LE700UN 40” 1080p LED HDTV for $814.96 with free shipping as well, and that’s one of the lower prices for this we’ve seen around. Great reviews, great price, no strings.

Thanks for joining us, and see you all later!

Prices: Samsung 3D HDTV MSRP list range from pretty good to crazy

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smasungledprices2010-1268149869Take a look at this graphic, and you’ll see two things: Samsung’s price list (MSRP anyway) for their new line of HDTVs, mostly 3D compatible. The other thing you’ll at the top is that $7K price tag, which is more than a little crazy.

What does that $7K buy you? Their top of the line, ultrathin 9000 series LED-lit LCD HDTV, with touchscreen, video displaying remote control and full 3D capability. That’s a lot of bang if you have extra in your budget, and you can watch content like this in style.

Also included in this lineup are a few new Plasma HDTV models, so it seems companies aren’t willing to discard the technology quite yet, a good sign for videophiles the world over indeed.

Most of these will be released in April/May of this year, and are in the $2K range or so, which isn’t terrible for a nice LED backlit 3D compatible TV, we’d say.

Sunday’s HDTV Deals and Steals

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LG_LG-47LH90_400x400_sOnce again, our famous HDTV deals section is on the air, and broadcasting in full color. Here they are: has the LG 47LH90 47” 1080p LED Backlit HDTV (Black) for $1475.98 – and with free shipping. Readers know we have nothing but respect for LG and their products, and this is about the cheapest price we can find anywhere online. has the Samsung UN55B8000 55” 1080p LCD HDTV for $2499.99 – $300 off coupon code we’ll give you “UDD883″ = $2199.99 – with free shipping too? We’re always looking out for you, our readers.

Thanks for reading and see you all soon!

Color Your World: New technology may change the realm of LED backlighting for good

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11janx98yv3rc10OLED (at least consumer versions of decent sizes without huge price tags) may be awhile to reach the mainstream market, as we all know. But the upstart company Nanosys is now showing off a new LED coating method that could have huge ripples on the future of HDTV watchability.

The goal: to make color saturation in LED-backlit screens better. The techie details are pretty geeky and difficult to digest, but here’s the basics: It works by applying nanoparticles to a blue LED light to give it the desired color. It thereby delivers greater and richer color, without making the units use more electricity to do so. It’s pretty cool indeed, and could make LED-backit displays even better than they are now, at a fairly low cost point.

We’ll keep an eye on this technology and how it develops.

Explosion: LED HDTV makers growing in numbers

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jvc-led-tvIt seems LED HDTV technology is starting to catch on with TV makers; four companies have now announced plans to release their own models in the next 3 months or so.

The companies: Sharp, LG, Sony and JVC, all strong market players in one area or another, and all vieing for a piece of a (relatively) small pie at the moment. Prices are pretty high right now (mostly 2-3K range) for mainstream consumption, but its only a matter of time, like any other technology.

More about the models themselves in this article from ZDNET, including the 32″ Sharp LED model coming for only $1,099.

More LG Goodness: Wireless 55LHZ LED HDTV announced

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lg-wireless-hdtv-214x300Ever get annoyed at all the cables necessary to set up a decent TV platform? Well, once again, LG has the answer in style: The new wireless 55LhZ is set to be released soon that will cure those wired blues.

More here from Gadget Venue, the blog:

LG have created the 55LHZ HDTV that has wireless features built in allowing you to drop a few of those cables. In fact, all that is needed for this TV is a power lead to get it going.

The LG 55LHZ is a 55? screen that is backlit by many LEDs. Each LED can be switched on and off independently so that blacks are actually black. Up to 240 levels of brightness can also be achieved which overall gives 40 times more contrast than a typical HDTV according to LG.

The wireless receiver built in to the TV can receive full uncompressed 1080p signals from up to 30 feet away and has virtually no interference. A refresh of 240Hz named TruMotion is also built in to the screen allowing fast paced action to run smoothly on the screen.

There’s a 47″ model that is set to run you $2,399, and a 55″ monster for $3,199. Not cheap, but cutting edge rarely is.

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