Mitsubishi changing course: No more LCDs?

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All things must end, but some things make more sense when they end, and this is just such a case: Mitsubishi, knowing their focus on LCDs was based on losing ground at a fairly steady pace, has abandoned the LCD market for their huge projection TVs they’re known for, along with some downsizing of their TV operations. See this excerpt from Engadget:

That we didn’t spot a successor to Mitsubishi’s well-received line of Unisen LCD HDTVs at CES 2011 should have been a signal, but now the company has made it official — it is downsizing TV operations, closing some offices and leaving the LCD TV business entirely. As the only company still selling rear projection sets to consumers, a letter from senior VP Cayce Blanchard (included after the break) indicates the plan is to focus on selling DLP and Laservue TVs in sizes above 73-inches where its flat panel competitors rarely reach.

We like the fact they’re focusing a bit more, it should help them dominate the huge rear projection market they’re shooting for pretty easily.

Big and Cool Department: Mitsubishi shows off a huge curved OLED display

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Yes, Mitsubishi loves to show off their wares and muscle via cool large displays that aren’t available in homes (and probably wouldn’t fit in the average living room anyway), and here’s yet another case of that principle at work with this latest creation, a huge OLED screen meant mainly for large gatherings, malls, etc.

Display companies like Mitsubishi still don’t make a big-screen OLED we can buy, yet look at this, a curved display created by the company that looks to be about four feet tall and maybe 10 feet around. Okay, so a 3mm pixel pitch wouldn’t look too great standing anywhere within about 20 feet of the thing, but that’s why it’s designed for malls and big stores, places where its 1,200 nit brightness can shrug off ambient light. It was unveiled at ISE 2011 and surely it won’t be long before they’re all over Las Vegas.

Good points raised by the report, but then again, this won’t be something you’ll be 1 foot from anyhow. It’ll be neat to see how this gets used.

Mitsu News: Mitsubishi unveils its all-in-one monitor solution

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Sometimes all-in-one can be a good thing, especially when it comes to electronics. Mitsubishi has announced the upcoming release of its 120hz 23″ monitor/HDTV combo unit, and the specs sound pretty cool indeed. Check it out:

Sometimes having a computer monitor and a separate HDTV are just too much for your feng shui to handle, and Mitsubishi is here to enhance your qi with its MDT231WG all-in-one monitor. No, not an all-in-one in that it has a PC built in there, but rather it’s intended to serve double-duty as a computer monitor and an HDTV. Its 120hz refresh rate and 5.5ms response time mean it’ll keep up with Call of Duty, while its 178-degree viewing angle, 5000:1 contrast ratio IPS panel, and integrated 2.1 channel sound system means it should do a decent job at movie playback. And, with a combined power output for all three speakers of 11 watts you won’t even have to worry about waking the neighbors. Right now this is looking like it’ll only be hitting the Japanese market and, while Mitsu hasn’t announced a price yet, we found one for pre-order at ¥118,000 — just over $1,400 and a small price to pay for finding your perfect spot.

That isn’t cheap, mind you, but hey, perfection and clarity for multiple uses has its price.

Adapter-Less 3 Dimensions: Mitsubishi to prepare HDTV line for freeform 3D

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Previous Mitsubishi HDTV models required an adapter to support 3D HDTV, but Mitsu is (as we speak) preparing to launch a new update for the feature. We applaud their efforts, even if we aren’t too sure how 3D will do in the future. Read on:

While its older 3DTVs will still absolutely require an adapter, Mitsubishi is rolling out a software update for its 2010 line of 3D-ready HDTVs that will allow them to process additional forms of 3D video supported by HDMI 1.4 devices. The TVs shipped with only support for checkerboard or side-by-side format 3D, while the new update adds top-bottom (ESPN 3D) and frame packing (Blu-ray 3D) support without requiring an adapter passthrough. Owners of 738 and 838 TVs that are hooked to the internet should start seeing the update soon automatically, or it will be avialable for download from the website. You’ll probably still want to grab a starter kit with IR sync and glasses if you want the Samsung-compatible specs, but DLP-link active shutter 3D glasses should work without any additional hardware at all.

Mitsubishi also updated various sources to state that the software update will launch officially on 11/16.

Loaded and Ready: Mitsu launches new 3D HDTV line in Japan

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Mitsubishi Japan has stepped up as a serious player in the 3D HDTV arena it seems. Mitsu announced 3 brand new, full HDTVs for your home theater pleasure, and they look pretty loaded for bear, even if they certainly aren’t cheap at all.

Much like the Panasonics that got unleashed recently (and a strong new trend in HDTVs), all three have the ability to record to their hard drives or Blu-ray. We like the new feature, even if we aren’t huge fans of the increased price tag that comes with it usually.

Spec-wise, they’ve got full 1080p HD, backlit LCDs, 1TB HDD built-in, a ten speaker Diatone system for pretty good sound, USB and SD slots, and HDMI slots. The sets, which come in 40, 46, and 55-inches, also come with a pair of 3D glasses included for 3D joy.

They’ll be available in Japan in early October (to follow on other shores we’re sure at some point) for around $3,500, $4,700 and $5,900 (!!), respectively. Those price points might keep some away, but the HDTV fan with deep pockets may have found something to follow closely.

Return: Mitsubishi’s LaserVue HDTV makes its reappearance, and is 3D ready now

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Remember when we covered the wonder that was Mitsu’s LaserVue HDTV a few years ago? Priced at $7K, sales weren’t super brisk really, but hey, it was amazing for its time. It seems based on recent announcements that Mitsubishi is re-introducing the product to the public, and this time its equipped for 3D. Read more here:

To that end, we’re downright elated to hear that the forgotten line has been revived for 2010, with an all new 75-inch model (L75-A91) being introduced for those who just can’t find a television big enough to fill their 8,000 square foot den. The behemoth measures in at 41.7- x 66.4- x 15-inches (so yeah, it’s still got some junk in the trunk), and as you’d expect, it’s fully 3D ready. Mistu’s 3D Starter Pack is being sold alongside of it, containing a 3D emitter, 3D Adapter with remote, an HDMI cable and a Blu-ray Disc with a collection of clips to really show off your new purchase. Other specs include web connectivity (StreamTV can hit up VUDU, Pandora, Flickr, Picasa and more), four HDMI-CEC inputs, a wired IR output, 1080p native resolution

The price, you ask? “Only” $5,999, and that does not include the $399 3D Starter Pack and $99 3D Adapter. And its not a tiny TV either, at 150+ pounds. But hey, with stats and features like the above and a dynamite picture, does anyone care?

More, Bigger, Refreshed: The Mitsubishi Unisen LCD HDTVs

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Those are the three keywords to the new Mitsubishi line of LCD HDTVs: More stuff, slimmer profile and updated cool features. Here’s the rundown.

No 3D nonsense here folks: Just straight ahead HDTV goodness. Mitsubishi has refreshed and updated its Unisen LCD HDTV lineup. All the newly updated models have StreamTV (a.k.a. VUDU Apps) built right in, plus playback from a USB device, and edge LED backlighting too for the ultimate in clarity.

While the LT-55154 loses a few speakers (you probably bought your own anyway), the step-up 164 line ranges from 40″ to 55″ including 16 speakers (!!) built in, with WiFi and Bluetooth streaming included and more while the big boy 265 models add two more speakers (as if it needed any more) and upgrade to 240 Hz motion too. Sounds pretty good to us.

Prices range between $1,699 & $3,199, and precise shipping/availability information is still TBA, so don’t get too excited yet. We’ll watch for these, as they look to be definite contenders in the HDTV quality arena.

Uncovered: StreamTV and Mitsubishi new model linked?

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Following up on yesterday’s news: Have we discovered the mysterious “StreamTV”? Perhaps. Read on, courtesy of Engadget HD:

Sure most other manufacturers are new to this 3DTV thing but Mitsubishi is already on its fourth generation, announcing the new 638, 738 and 838 series DLP TVs. New for the 2010 lineup, and possibly giving some insight to those weird HDTVs that appeared on Amazon yesterday is “StreamTV” interactive media which appears to be a new (post Wal-mart acquisition?) branding for the VUDU Apps service we spotted during CES with Pandora, Flickr, Picasa and others built in.

If that sounds like a little too much then don’t worry, it’s not in the base 638 series televisions while the 738 models add StreamTV, an optional WiFi N adapter and video calibration options, and the top of the line 838 models offer Mitsubishi’s 16 speaker built-in iSP surround sound tech along with a few other minor adjustments as upgrades. We’re still waiting to find out when these ship (probably in the next month or so), but one thing that never changes is projection’s ability to go big for less money than its flat-panel competitors, ranging from $1,199 for the 60-inch WD-60638 to $4,499 for the 82-inch WD-8238 (don’t forget to add in the price of a special checkerboard compatible 3D Blu-ray player or an adapter to make everything work.)

Detective work is a hard gig indeed, but we believe we may have found the ‘missing link’ with this elusive StreamTV. We’ll update you as we hear more.

Moving Up: Mitsubishi upscaling technology makes 1080p obsolete

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4kx2k-mitsu-tvAccording to various trade reports, Mitsubishi has reached new heights with their upscaling technology, but as usual, there’s a catch.

First the good part: this new tech can be take vanilla 1080p material to 4K x 2K without breaking a sweat at all. This is huge (or could be) in the industry for the future, and will generate stunning picture on Mitsu TVs in the very near future, no doubt.

Now the less than great news: for some undisclosed reason, it does not work with Blu-Ray tech. Now that’s a crying shame, and the other downside being the rather high prices that this technology will command when its released. Hopefully though, this will lead to greater advances in upscaling technology in general over the next few years.

World of HDTV Potpourri Post

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HDTV-Football49ers-NYGHere’s a few notes from the world of HDTV to take heed of on this fine Monday:

  • There’s no doubt that the choices and amount of HD programming is increasing quite a bit, and has published its recommended list of HDTV shows to look out for. On there is of course the Winter Olympics, broadcast in HD all the way through for the first time ever. We second the recommendations on House and Men of a Certain Age, both very good shows. Go here to see the whole list.
  • We’ve heard of big TVs at low prices, but how about this monstrous beauty from Mitsubishi? If you can stand DLP (and its developed quite a bit from its beginnings, being pretty sharp and nice-looking these days), this 73″ behomoth could be just the ticket, and at an amazing price to boot.
  • It’s begun – Amazon has over 200 Blu-Ray titles for $10 or under, and this could be just the beginning really. It’s nice to see companies stepping up and making BR affordable, so us HDTV fans can have our favs in 1080p.

Thanks for reading, and have a fine Monday!

Drooling (Sort Of): Mistubishi to introduce 149″ OLED TV?

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149-inch-oled-mistuYes, you read that headline correctly: Mitsubishi has been preparing a monstrous 149″ OLED TV for display at ISE 2010, which starts next week. Now there are a few rather glaring caveats to this unit.

First of all, its based off a modular design, where you can “snap” OLED blocks together, which is good and bad. The bad side of this is that resolution is fairly low at 1,088 x 640, which means these units would be good for digital signage and that’s about it really, but in theory, these could grow as large as you like. And what an impact this would make on prospective customers!

Not to mention, this could have definite impact on the consumer industry at one point, due to the fact that we feel OLED is the future of HD, and any development in its direction is a good thing in the long run.

Monday’s Mad HDTV Deals

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S197-2406-main03-amHere we go into Monday’s great HDTV deals: – Just a plain nice deal here for the size: The Sceptre X240BVFHD 24” LCD HDTV for $249.99 + ultra cheap shipping = $251.98 total, shipped. Really hard to beat that for the price, and the stats/reviews on the site are solid. – Yeah, it isn’t LCD, but these days its nice, and its huge: The Mitsubishi 60” 1080p DLP HDTV for $999.99 – with free shipping. One of the best prices we’ve seen on this type of TV and size.

Thanks for joining us today and see you all tomorrow.

That’s Some Strong VUDU: Mitsubishi ships new HDTV/VUDU equipped line

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mitsubishi-vuduThe Coolest Gadgets blog has the skinny on VUDU equipped HDTVs by Mitsubishi that are now shipping out to retailers, and it looks pretty darn good to us.

Mitsubishi is back with a new range of flat panel TVs for its Diamond Unisen line, where these models will ship with built-in VUDU support in full High Definition glory. The integration of VUDU ensures consumers will be able to experience the seamless delivery of thousands of high-definition movies and TV shows on-demand, although we’re pretty sure this still won’t stop people from flipping channels whenever they’re bored. At least you don’t have to time your TV schedule to a station’s programming, since you will definitely be free whenever you pick up the show that you think would tickle your fancy.

Consumers ought to sit back and relax with VUDU HD movie content that is streamed directly, offering an unparalleled sensory experience courtesy of Unisen’s superior 1080p picture performance alongside integrated Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. It is interesting to note that the Diamond Unisen models (LT-46249 and LT-52249) will be equipped with an Ethernet port as well, enabling a direct connection to the Internet. For those who truly exhort the wireless lifestyle and want to walk their talk, there is always an optional VUDU wireless accessory bridge that you can purchase for use, enabling consumers to link their Diamond Unisen model to their wireless home network without worrying about pulling another wire or tripping over one.

Consumers will be pleased to know that there are more than 2,200 HD titles available from VUDU, with a total title count of 16,000 on the whole, making it one of the most extensive HD movie libraries available in the market as at press time. Apart from that, the VUDU service on Diamond Unisen Immersive Sound TVs will also bring Internet services that most people cannot do without these days, including (and not limited to) YouTube, Flickr, Picasa and Pandora, accompanied by an “On Demand TV” area that boasts over 80 channels for you to go nuts over. with more than 80 channels to choose from. The 46″ LT-46249 Diamond Unisen will retail for $2,599, while the 52″ LT-52249 model is going for a slightly more expensive $3,099.

We like the features, though the price may be a tad bit on the high side right now, but it comes with a ton of content built right in that many TVs don’t, so it might be worth it long term.

Big Screens For Big Horses: Nakayama Racecourse gets massive Mitusubishi HDTV screens

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turf1Dallas isn’t the only place with humungous LED HDTV screens, it seems. Mitsubishi has announced its install of Turf Vision 1 & 2 at Nakayama Racecourse. And its a whopper, folks.

At about 4,000 square feet of screen, the Turf Vision 1 isn’t quite as impressive as the pair of gigantic screens hung at Cowboy Stadium or as long as the one at Tokyo Racecourse, but these HD screens seem tailor-made for the type of venue its placed at, as you can see from the pic.

These screens go online on September 12, so that’ll be the day these bad boys get to display all their HD goodness to racing fans everywhere. We’ll make sure to save a few betting slips for you.

Saturday HDTV Deals Galore

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hotdealsiconYet more mouth-watering, five-alarm deals for your consideration: – How about the MAG 22” 720p LCD HDTV for $189.99 with free shipping. Amazing price for the size. – Very nice deal here: the Mitsubishi 52” 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV With “Integrated Sound Projector” feature for $1999.00 – 5% off order coupon code we supply “AFL5″ = $1899.05 with free shipping. High rated and an amazing deal; how can you beat it?

Thanks for joining us today and have a nice weekend. Come back tomorrow for more earth-shaking offers.

Price Drop: The Mitsubishi LaserVue HDTV

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laser-tv-price-cutRemember when Mitsubishi debuted their LaserVue, the laser-driven HDTV that made a big splash in the market, then sorta slit its own throat by releasing itself at almost $7,000 USD? Well, its finally back, and this time they’ve slashed the price. A little.

The Mitsubishi L65A90 65-inch LaserVue HDTV is now available at Amazon for $6,499 $6,949.99, giving it a $500 $50 reduction over last September’s $6,999 release price. It’s not much, but this is a heck of a TV. It had manufacturing and supply issues that stopped it from being made for awhile (as we reported right here on SS), but now its being sold again.

The highlights of Laser TVs: they’re green (read: energy efficient), 3D-ready because of the intrinsic technology and come in a super slim case too.

The Sunday HDTV Deals

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amazing-dealsMore Sunday deals for your perusal: – How’s about a Sanyo 46” 1080p HD LCD HDTV With Digital Tuner for $798.00 + free In-Store Pickup too? Can’t beat that for a 1080p TV of this size! – For some slightly older school (but still good) action, how about a Mitsubishi WD65735 65” 1080p DLP HDTV for $1199.97 + shipping = $1298.97. Nice price on a giant screen monster.

That’s it for today! Check ‘em out, and have a great rest of your weekend.

Lasers, Photonics and Liquid Crystals, Oh My!: Next-gen LCD panels may use lasers

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liquid-crystal-lasers-20090412-355If you thought Mitsubishi’s LaserVue high-priced but beautiful-screened behemoths were the be-all and end-all in laser usage in HDTV, hold your horses.

Mitsubishi is going on with their line, but the brightness and color depth offered by that HDTV are just the very tip of the iceberg, researchers at the Centre of Molecular Materials and Photonics at the University of Cambridge say. The technology can go even further than Mitsu took them with their LaserVue marvel – and at a cheaper price.

They say that liquid crystals in concert with a single, laser source would give the same gorgeous picture the LaserVue can do, but even more cheaply and more reliably. We think it’ll be awhile before this happens, but it looks like lasers and LCD together will play a big part in your flat panel experience in the future.

Sharp to release new HDTV line – with built-in Blu-Ray players

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Both Mitsubishi and Funai were negotiating and debating terms to release the first HDTV with a built-in Blu-Ray player, but talks have been just that so far: talk. Meanwhile, Sharp has gone beyond talk by announcing the world’s first HDTV with built-in Blu-Ray DVD players.

The Sharp AQUOS DX LCD HDTV Series will have six models in the line; these are the LC-26DX1, LC-32DX1, LC-37DX1, LC-42DX1, LC-46DX1 and LC-52DX1. All six will come with an integrated HDTV tuner as well as bottom mounted speakers with pretty decent stats too.

The line will debut in Japan in a month or so, and should follow in other territories as sales and manufacturing capacity permits. It should be very popular, indeed. Pricing details were not announced.

It’s assumed that more companies will eventually follow suit now that Sharp has broken the ice.

In the ridiculous Size vs. Price Department: A 73-inch HDTV for $2,299?

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Comments Off is now selling a Mitsubishi 73-inch 1080p HDTV for $2,299 — 23 percent off the suggested list price. The DLP set, model WD-73736, has a five-star customer rating, 3 HDMI 1.3 inputs and is 3D-ready for both games and movies. It’s gotten strong reviews over most of the net. That’s just crazy size for the price.

The set, which weighs just 96 pounds, also has a built-in QAM cable TV tuner, delivers a picture in 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and it’s now in stock 9as of now anyway). It also has a customer rating of five stars out of five on the Amazon site.

Note: prices change regularly due to supply and demand, so it may or may not be there later. But the price is valid as of this posting.

See it here.

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