New Tech Report: Chlorine + OLED = Miracle?

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Research is always finding old materials and ways to use things to make stuff better and work more efficiently, and in this case, its a substance that’s been around pretty much forever, but was never used like this.

Chlorine? Yes, it isn’t just for keeping your clothes white and your pool clean very soon. Soon, layers of it just a single atom thickness could play a huge role in OLED making, which is something we never could have predicted, to say the least.

Researchers in Canada at the University of Toronto have found that this minute amount of pool cleaner can double the efficiency of displays while knocking down complexity and driving down production costs (the best part for consumers, who love the advantages of OLED but shy away from the price tag for now).

The procedure itself is simple, involving UV light, Cl and other various other ‘sooper secret’ tech, the team was able to chlorinate standard electrode panels found in regular everyday OLEDs without having toxic gas floating around. Our prediction of inexpensive OLED’s on Wal-Mart shelves in the next few years may actually become a reality even faster now.

Big and Cool Department: Mitsubishi shows off a huge curved OLED display

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Yes, Mitsubishi loves to show off their wares and muscle via cool large displays that aren’t available in homes (and probably wouldn’t fit in the average living room anyway), and here’s yet another case of that principle at work with this latest creation, a huge OLED screen meant mainly for large gatherings, malls, etc.

Display companies like Mitsubishi still don’t make a big-screen OLED we can buy, yet look at this, a curved display created by the company that looks to be about four feet tall and maybe 10 feet around. Okay, so a 3mm pixel pitch wouldn’t look too great standing anywhere within about 20 feet of the thing, but that’s why it’s designed for malls and big stores, places where its 1,200 nit brightness can shrug off ambient light. It was unveiled at ISE 2011 and surely it won’t be long before they’re all over Las Vegas.

Good points raised by the report, but then again, this won’t be something you’ll be 1 foot from anyhow. It’ll be neat to see how this gets used.

OLED News: LG aiming to start making panels by 2013?

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All of you know LG is sorta king of the hill in the OLED charge of late, and now word from up high is that LG is swearing they’ll be ready to make a move in the OLED arena in the next few years, mass producing large OLED panels for the open market.

More info and pic courtesy of Engadget:

LG has plucked our heart strings once again by announcing on its Q4 earnings call that its mass production of large OLED panels will ramp up at the end of 2013. In other words, the schedule it laid out a little less than a year ago to triple OLED production via a $226 million facility expansion is still on track — which is pretty amazing given that other OLED schedules we’ve seen have been 90 percent fantasy and 10 percent hype. On the same call, vice president of LG Display Jung Ho also took the opportunity to share the company’s goal of becoming the market leader in OLED TV. Considering LG has already announced plans to release a 31-inch 3D OLED set in the US and Europe this year with a 55-inch prototype following in 2012 — it seems Samsung may now have a real fight on its hands for OLED dominance that it can’t dance its way out of. No matter who wins, though, the possibility of ultra-thin TVs gracing our walls is definitely getting brighter.

We love the heat on this technology and that companies are recognizing people want something new and fresh in the HDTV world.

Big Time: LG shows off OLED 31″ Prototype, blows minds

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We all love OLED and its potential, but so far, its expensive and not even close to mainstream really. OLED’s failure to do anything in the mainstream isn’t a big deal, as LCD has gotten slim enough that it hardly matters in terms of reduced size. Picture quality will improve no doubt, and its nice to see some companies stepping forward with early support for the technology. LG is just such a company.

So in a twist of oddness, LG has stolen its own OLED thunder on the TV circuit lately. In line with earlier rumors we reported, it will be showing off a 0.11-inch thick 31-inch 3D OLED display prototype at the IFA get-together this week, but that poor little OLED demo will be sharing a booth with a ready for retail 0.35-inch thick LCD that comes in big time sizes above 30″, so it may not be the darling of the show many thought it might be.

Still, here’s to hoping this OLED breakthrough speeds along the transition to retail all the more quickly.

Hi-Def News: LG showing off 31″ OLED HDTV at IFA 2010

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It seems LG is doing some very cool stuff with OLED these days, if a recent exhibition at IFA 2010 is to be believed. Pictures are worth a thousand words as they say, and here’s the proof, as you can see. Read on, via Engadget HD coverage:

We’ve been tracking LG OLED TV production rumors for nearly as long as Bieber’s been alive, and recently got wind that their ultra-thin 7mm LED TV would be appearing at IFA this year, but now more news has materialized. According to OLED-Display, the company plans to show a new 31-inch OLED television prototype in addition to confidence-compensating 72-inch 3D LED TV. Sadly, other critical details like resolution and pricing are nowhere to be found, but considering the company’s 15-inch EL9500 OLED — which we’re still waiting for stateside — is selling for close to $2,400 in the UK, it’s fair to assume a model double in size will be a Kanye-level extravagance. Seeing a larger OLED example before 2011 though will be a step in the right direction for LG, and appears to fall in line with the company’s own rollout predictions.

We’ll keep an eye on these developments as they are released. The possibility of larger OLEDs sets us to dreaming, indeed.

Abandoned: SED technology discontinued

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It appears a once promising HDTV technology has been stopped in its tracks by its creator, Canon. Citing costs and the advent of OLED as an emerging and cheaper contender, they announced they will discontinue development on the technology for good. More from various sources:

We still remember the halcyon days of 2005 when eye were first laid upon your black as a CRT / thin as a plasma or LCD self, and equally recognize the pain of each false start and delay that followed, each leading up to today’s announcement by Canon that it is abandoning SED HDTVs entirely. It had held out hope as late as last spring that the technology could have a future in professional displays, but Japan’s The Nikkei reports it simply couldn’t bring down costs enough. There’s still the possibility for a future in “image diagnostic equipment” but all those prototypes will never see the light of mass production.

It’s a little sad whenever exciting tech dies, but OLED continues to be developed, and should be a worthy successor to existing formats in the very near future, so that tempers our bummed-out-ness.

OLED, Printed: DuPont develops new screen technique

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Right now, LG is the big OLED boy in town, with their 15-inch OLED TV, but at about $2,500 retail, not many people will have this in their living rooms, dens or wherever.

Now the promises of costs dropping thanks to ‘printed’ displays may be coming to pass, as chemical company DuPont has joined up with Dainippon Screen to fashion a printing technique that can line-feeding a 50-inch display in just two minutes or so. That’s 120 seconds to you and me, and that’s pretty exciting stuff, indeed. It’s been compared to a ‘high precision garden hose’ of the electronic persuasion, “moving” over the display’s surface and ‘printing’ the display on the screen.

DuPont Displays President William Feehery says the method is being worked on to scale it up to displays up to 50″ and will eventually be able to compete with LCD’s on cost with a 15-20 year span of life. It isn’t 100 years (as was promised by a few manufacturers) but that isn’t bad at all, folks. We’ll update you, of course, as this technology develops.

The Future is Soon: Samsung readying 42″ OLED trials in 2011?

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It appears dreams of large OLED panels in the marketplace may be coming true quite soon…sooner than we even expected, if certain news sources are to be believed. Where once an 11″ panel was the biggest anyone could get, and they cost a fortune, read this story and try not to get drool on your keyboard:

Now OLEDNet claims that Samsung Mobile Display — you know, the cellphone AMOLED guys — is purchasing equipment in preparation for bringing its 5.5 generation facility on-line in the first half of 2011. That should give Samsung the ability make 42-inch AMOLED TVs on a trial basis by the end of the twenty-eleven. But with relatively cheap LCDs steadily closing the gap on OLEDs size, contrast, and power savings advantages, well, we’ll believe it when we see the first big screen OLED TVs in our living rooms.

Good point, now that technology has evolved to a point where contrast features with Plasma and LCD aren’t too far away from OLED, it isn’t the huge news many had expected it would be. We’ll see how it shakes out… if it actually happens.

TVLogic, Part 2: Debut of 4K x 2K HDTV leaves some drooling

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Oh sure, it’s not that a 4K x 2K display is that rare¬† (we’ve reported on a few here at SS), but not many are this small or include the connectability features this baby has.

Introduced at conference NAB 2010, the LUM-560W is very different from the two OLED sets already debuted that we reported on by TVLogic. With a huge 56″ 10-bit panel, a razor-sharp native 3,840 x 2,160 res (now that’s a resolution, folks), 1,500:1 native contrast ratio, its loaded and ready to go. The rather wide bezel is the only down note in the proceedings.

Want ports? This one’s got ‘em: four HDMI inputs, four DVI-D, four 3G/HD/SD-SDI, and four 3G/HD/SD-SDI outputs. We’re out of breath just talking about it. No price or release date is mentioned, but expect it not to be cheap, or available in very high quantities.

OLED Joy: New models from TVLogic arriving, now including 3D goodness

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Hot on the heels of Sony making a splash with its 7.4-inch, $3,850 PVM-740 monitor, a company called TVLogic grabs their share of attention with two professional OLED sets that are each twice as big, with (more than likely) twice the cost as Sony’s model.

Both are 1,366 x 768 res with a 100,000:1 native contrast ratio (cue drooling), and are apparently based on LG’s design for their 15-inch OLED panel, but just the TDM-150W is fully 3D-capable. Perhaps this article may come true yet?

Yes, this does make it the very first 3D OLED display in the marketplace. Pricing? Not yet, but look for 4K+ territory more than likely to start out with, seeing as their 17″ monitors start in the $3K range.

OLED Update: LG to release 15″ model to limited stores in May

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28feb10lg9n4hap334Critics at CES and other spots have raved about the prief looks they’ve had at LG’s upcoming OLED HDTV models, and perhaps it’s time for all of the drooling, envy and hoping to come to an end: it’s coming. Soon. Now that the Sony OLED is dead, this will take its place, no doubt.

The deep-pocketed among us humans won’t have to wait much longer to sate the need for an astounding 10,000,000:1 contrast ratio and 0.001ms response time (yes, that is not a typo).

LG has officially announced it’ll be releasing it’s 15-inch OLED panel into spots in Europe this May (with mid-summer availability projected in the US). As expected, it won’t be cheap: $2,725 USD in Austria, with around that much projected on US shores. Cutting edge ain’t cheap, as many who live there know already.

XEL-1 Dead? Sony stops production of OLED TV model in Japan

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xel-1-side-shotThe XEL-1 (known as one of the first widely produced OLED set) was 11″ of pure HDTV wonder, but the time has come for this model, it appears. It’s 2K price tag made it rather unattractive to many HDTV fans, who tend to like much bigger screens. The writing was on the wall for this one, and now Sony has lowered the axe on this one in Japan.

Sony announced today that it was pulling the plug on production for the XEL-1 in Japan, citing “sluggish demand” as the primary cause. It will remain a curiosity and collectors item, more than likely. Cost has been the main reason why OLED hasn’t appeared on more shelves around the world, and until that obstacle is overcome, OLED won’t make a dent. Hopefully, that will be sooner than later, if our report here is accurate.

There’s a rumor that Japanese censoring laws are another reason Sony pulled the model, but these are unsubstantiated rumors, really.

Drooling (Sort Of): Mistubishi to introduce 149″ OLED TV?

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149-inch-oled-mistuYes, you read that headline correctly: Mitsubishi has been preparing a monstrous 149″ OLED TV for display at ISE 2010, which starts next week. Now there are a few rather glaring caveats to this unit.

First of all, its based off a modular design, where you can “snap” OLED blocks together, which is good and bad. The bad side of this is that resolution is fairly low at 1,088 x 640, which means these units would be good for digital signage and that’s about it really, but in theory, these could grow as large as you like. And what an impact this would make on prospective customers!

Not to mention, this could have definite impact on the consumer industry at one point, due to the fact that we feel OLED is the future of HD, and any development in its direction is a good thing in the long run.

Color Your World: New technology may change the realm of LED backlighting for good

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11janx98yv3rc10OLED (at least consumer versions of decent sizes without huge price tags) may be awhile to reach the mainstream market, as we all know. But the upstart company Nanosys is now showing off a new LED coating method that could have huge ripples on the future of HDTV watchability.

The goal: to make color saturation in LED-backlit screens better. The techie details are pretty geeky and difficult to digest, but here’s the basics: It works by applying nanoparticles to a blue LED light to give it the desired color. It thereby delivers greater and richer color, without making the units use more electricity to do so. It’s pretty cool indeed, and could make LED-backit displays even better than they are now, at a fairly low cost point.

We’ll keep an eye on this technology and how it develops.

OLED Sighting: Sony shows off new 24″ model at CES

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yvfc01dsc_0043f0zOLED has been the promised land of HDTVs for awhile now, and Sony is taking it quite seriously based on reports at various blogs. They’re proudly displaying their 24.5-inch OLED television at CES with built-in (optional) 3D as well, and many writers have reportedly been blown away by the color and clarity of the picture, something we were both anticipating and expecting.

Sony was being hush-hush with prices or release dates for these babies, but personally we expect these before the end of the year, and it’ll make a nice jump from the 15″ OLEDs that are available (rarely) on the market right now.

Watch for this one in the near future.

Leaked Info: Sony has some OLED goodness up its sleeve

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sony-new-hdtvs-oledSony has some plans for a new OLED television, but be ready to pay through the nose, it appears.

Pictured are some ‘leaked’ Sony documents are showing a new “KDL-ZX Series OLED” on the 2010 / 2011 schedule/roadmap, enough to make any HDTV fan’s pulse quicken. All these on here are prototypes, reportedly, so their chances for making it to market are up in the air.

But with Sony’s 2-year old 11-inch XEL-1 OLED TV now made to look midget-like by LG‘s new 15-inch OLED TV we reported about and a new 20″ OLED projected for 2010, Sony realized they needed to step on the gas pedal a bit with development, lest they be beaten in their own backyard.

Lots of new TV models abound in the document, including a planned 60″ 240Hz model coming possibly next year and UV2A technology which has us pretty excited.

LG: “OLED will cost less than LCD in 2016″

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15_oled-tv_o_440-cropYes, LG stated that at a recent show in Japan about electronics, and while we’re excited at the prospect, let’s not carve this into stone just yet.

Won Kim, VP of LG OLED sales and marketing group spoke about its OLED plans for the future, and they make interesting food for thought, if little else.

So far: LG will put out 20-inch (and perhaps larger) OLED panels in mid-2010 based on their current roadmap, 30″ in mid-2011, and 40-inch OLED panels in 2012.

While 40″ OLED units will still be “fairly expensive” (read:¬† a bloody fortune) in 2012, Kim states that in 2016 OLED panels will actually cost less than LCD TVs do now. That seems a bit aggressive, but hey, we’re rooting for LG to make good on this prediction. It’ll mean good things for HDTV lovers everywhere.

FPD International 2009 and the Rumor Mill: 14″ OLED to be displayed?

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auo-oled-20091027FPD International 2009 is almost here, and its usually a display source for companies showing off the latest in thin, ultra-fancy displays, including a new OLED display from AUO, according to the rumor mill. They’re showing off some panels that may not be released for a few years, but we can drool over them right now.

Top Dog: a rumored 14-inch, 1080p OLED TV from AUO with a 100,000:1 contrast ratio and 16 million+ colors. Now that’s something to get excited about. OLED displays are slowly evolving into something more palatable for the masses, though to reach the point LCD’s are at now may take 2-3 years, in all honesty.

We can’t wait to bring you a full preview of this show as details emerge.

OLED News: LG preparing to release a 15″ model to Korea soon

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15_oled-tv_o_440LG decided to release the results of its OLED labor with new photos of its sharp 15-inch screen, and Reuters is now reporting this release will happen very soon into the marketplace, seen to herald the release of even bigger OLED screens in the near future.

The company will be displaying the new creation at the IFA trade show middle next week, and expects to begin offering the TV in Korea in mid-November this year. We’re plenty excited, even if we know this is just the beginning of the OLED journey.

Price is unknown at this point, with Sony’s 11-inch XEL-1 still going for $2,500 or so in the US, expect prices to be pretty high right now, probably in the $3,000+ range.

LG expects to ready a 40-inch OLED very soon, but don’t expect to see that in your neighborhood electronics store anytime soon.

Big Plans Scuttled?: Sony may put off OLED plans until next year

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sony-drive-xel-1_001Remember when we said fancy, bigger new OLED screens were coming from Sony soon? Well, according to released Wall Street Journal sources, the company has delayed their venture into OLED for a bit due to slipping sales.

They were shocked at their inability to sell $2,500 11″ OLED sets (can’t imagine why), CEO Howard Stringer has decided to delay the rollout of OLED screens to focus in reducing the cost of existing LCD screens and getting more units into Wal-Mart. A slightly sad day for HDTV lovers.

Now that LG has announced similar plans for next year, only Samsung remains as our OLED hope for this year, but we aren’t holding our collective breaths for that to happen at this point.

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