Low Power: New Energy Star 3.0 rules to impact HDTV designs?

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2-7-08-energy-star-logoThere’s a bit of a gale blowing over the Energy Star 3.0 requirements for HDTVs, and if you thought it would be just a breeze, then you don’t know the industry very well.

Research firm iSuppli calls out manufacturers for barely squeaking under the Tier 2 numbers, and in some cases not even doing that (those will be effective 2010) and not even coming close in many cases to the Tier 3 standard (effective 2012) versions of the standard.

For example, a 50″ HDTV will have has to use 153-Watts or less for Tier 2 compliance and 108-Watts or less for Tier 3, which is sipping to say the least. LCD’s should be able to reach those numbers with some complex engineering, but Plasmas may not make those numbers, and the standards don’t differentiate between the two types.

We like Plasmas, but we get the feeling they may have a lot of trouble making those power numbers, so their days of being sold new may be numbered, sadly enough.

Best Plasma in 2009: Readers Speak Out!

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pioneer-pdp-6070hd-plasmaSo many of you may be looking for a new HDTV to adorn your living space. Some of you may even be on the lookout for a Plasma, due to reading this blog where we’ve talked about how cool Plasmas can be, and their advantages over LCD in several areas. But what is the best Plasma TV to grab here in 2009?

Here’s where we ask you, our knowledgeable readers to give advice about those models you may have heard about that offer the best picture, most features or best reliability. The Pioneer Kuro? One of the Panasonic models we’ve covered here? There are still a wealth of options to choose from.

We look forward to your opinions. For those of you eager to read other opinions, read on here.

Sunday HDTV Deals

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amazing-dealsWith no further ado, we present the Sunday HDTV deals:

BestBuy.com – Not a bad deal: The Proscan 40” 1080p LCD HDTV for $499.99 + free In-Store Pickup too.  Very solid deal here for any room in the house.

Abes of Maine – We present a Panasonic TH58PZ800U 58” 1080p Plasma HDTV for $1895.55 – $10 off coupon code we provide for you “FRIEND10″ (Expires 12/31/2009) = $1885.55 with free shipping too. Great deal on one of the best Plasma units out there right now.

Have a great Sunday and we’ll see you next week.

Another Nail In the Coffin?: LG shuts A1 Plasma TV plant

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5-20-07-lg_plasmaSome were shocked when Sony and Vizio decided to cut back or eliminate their Plasma TV production, but it appears LG may be the 4th major TV company to cut back on their Plasma manufacturing, with the recent announcement of their A1 plant closing.

Reportedly, LG is shutting down its oldest plasma manufacturing plant in South Korea, hoping to reportedly: “increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.” Sounds good from a business standpoint, but it bodes rather poorly for Plasma as a medium down the road.

The closing of the A1 plant will reduce its plasma production capacity from 430,000 to 360,000 panels, but on the converse side, it will save the company dollars: to the tune of $22 million and $32 million per year or so.

LG is second in moving Plasma units overall, but we can’t say that life in the Plasma world is looking too great right now.