A First: Samsung to produce transparent, no-backlight 22″ HDTV LCD soon

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This we’re getting from a trusted source and blog Engadget is also reporting this: Samsung is about ready to produce a breakthrough product that could be the first in a wave of “transparent” HDTV LCD monitors with very high resolution and low power requirements. Read on:

They said they would do it, and by golly it’s nearly here — Samsung just revealed that its assembly lines are starting to churn out see-thru computer screens that don’t require power-sucking backlights to function. Unfortunately, it looks like the amazing AMOLED variety is still on the drawing board, but ambient light-powered LCDs are on the way, with Samsung offering a 22-inch, 1680 x 1050 resolution panel with a 500:1 contrast ratio to begin with. Sammy suggests we’ll see it in HDMI and USB-compatible monitors and suspects it’ll be used in advertising and teleconferencing first — which suggests this display won’t come cheap.

Price and exact availability aren’t out yet, but we’re thinking late this year/early next as an estimate.

No Glasses, Ma: Samsung shows 55″ glasses-free 3D HDTV prototype

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Samsung hasn’t been at the forefront of no glasses 3D HDTV as some other companies in recent years, but they’ve come out in favor of it in a big way at the FPD China trade show recently — or a test model of one, anyway, and in the next few years, it could be a game changer.

According to Tech-On!, which is a leading Chinese tech blog/news service, the 55″ monster is able to do nine different viewpoints for glass-free 3D viewing (that’s 9, folks), and it can be switched into 2D mode at any time as well for those of you non-3D scrooges, which works by changing the optical refraction index of an LCD panel that sits on top of the main LCD that’s actually used to display images. It’s a big potential step forward for a technology we’ve had our doubts about.

Right now, the demo model uses a direct-lit CCFL backlight, although Samsung indicates that would be replaced with an LED backlight before it actually hits the market, and Sammy is saying that a full-blown market version of this one is around 2-3 years away as of now.

Release Meter: Samsung puts out prices on new 3D HDTVs

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CES brought us early details of these models, and we’ve been tracking the progress of these 3D HDTV displays from Samsung ever since, first they were TVs, then they turned into monitors, then it turned out they were monitors with optional TV tuners built-in — and now their first pricing and availability announcement, which has not brought any big surprises.

South Korea is the debut market for the 950 and 750 Series, both 27-inchers with differing designs, which in the 950′s case is asymmetric and in the 750′s is all about the super thin bezel.

A 1,000:1 contrast ratio, super fast 2ms response, 1080p resolution, and a whole bunch of input ports await the buyer of either one, but not cheap: the 27TA950 will go for 890,000 KRW (almost $800 USD) and the 27TA750 sports a 840,000 KRW price tag (over $750). Not exactly super value types, but MSRPs have a habit of changing rather quickly once they’re released on the open market.

Best Seller this week: LG 32″ 32LD350 HDTV

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LG has a sterling reputation with us at SS, and now comes a major sales courtesy of Amazon on a very nice 32″ unit perfect for any bedroom or spare room in the house: how’s a nice 32″ unit for $309? That’s 31% off the normal list price, and its currently the number 1 HDTV seller on the site for a very good reason.

We’ve seen some interesting patterns among the top sellers of late. Mostly LG and Samsung (the former title holder for Amazon top seller) have jockeyed for the top position on the popular merchant destination on the web, and its only this week that finally LG has claimed the crown for top seller.

Here’s the link to the site to check out the sale, grab it while its hot!

3rd and 4th Place: Sony and LG respectively, LCD sales

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You know the market is pretty topsy-turvy when Vizio is so dominant with LCD HDTV sales, and a company like LG is in 4th place (and very far behind indeed). Curious is the word we’d use.

Now we know the raw reasoning behind this number: Vizio is prominently featured at Wal-Marts across the country, and their prices are pretty tough to beat. Never mind their pure stats with contrast ratio, etc are inferior to Sony and LG. Marketing and decent technologies have combined with low prices to make a juggernaut the other companies cannot ignore.

Raw numbers: Vizio captured a 27.6 percent market share, shipping roughly 2.9 million units in the US last year, a huge number. Samsung was second (kind of a surprise) with a 20.6 percent market share, shipping about 2.1 million sets total. Sony was third with 10.1 percent market share while LG was fourth with 9.4 percent.

Big Target: LG and Samsung want to sell 15 million 3D HDTVs this year

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Yes, we’ve frequently spoke about the limitations and low expectations of the 3D HDTV format, but LG and Samsung (two companies we appreciate and admire) plan on trying to aim on selling 15 million combined HD 3D units this year, if a recent projection report is accurate. Here’s more scoop for your reading pleasure:

Here’s one way to solve a chicken-and-egg dilemma: crank out 15 million chickens. That’s seem to be the plan for Samsung and LG, anyway — Samsung plans to sell 10 million 3D TVs this year, up five times from the two million it sold last year, while LG plans to sell some 5 million. Now, it’s unclear whether this increase in sales will come as a result of consumer demand for 3D or simply because almost all new TVs will be 3D-capable, but we’re hoping that pesky 3D content problem will get a lot better once more people can actually view it — assuming anyone actually wants to wear the glasses, that is.

We really like LG, but given the sales of 3D over the holidays (read: poor), we aren’t optimistic about their projections.

CES 2011: Summary of Best Stuff (that we haven’t covered already)

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CES 2011 is over and the highlights are legion, including lots of 3D developments, new models and other such news. Here our friends at Engadget have summarized the best of the rest, and given us a nice concise rundown for your reading pleasure.

Feel free to read, and drool over the coming growth in the world of HDTV, and get as excited as we are. Samsung and Panasonic in particular have some pretty neat stuff on the way, and we can’t wait to report it to you right here on these pages.

Thanks for reading on this fine Saturday!

Fresh HDTV Deals for the New Year

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Why not ring in the new year with some really great HDTV deals designed to make any hi-def fan swoon? Here we go:

Abes of Maine has a very nice Samsung PN58C550 58″ 1080p Plasma HDTV for $1285 and we include a $15 off with coupon code “LOYALTY15” = $1270 with free shipping too? Yes, indeed, only here will you see this great price.

Walmart.com has a great deal on a huge TV from a relatively unknown brand: a Proscan 55LC55S240V69 55” LCD 1080p 240Hz HDTV for $999.00 with free in-store pickup. Amazing price for the size and features, decent reviews too.

Thanks for joining us and have a happy new year!

Thinnest Ever (Again): LG grabs thinnest bezel title with new 37″ unit

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LG seems to be on a ‘thinnest ever’ LCD HDTV title quest lately, we’ve noticed, and they’re at it again with their latest announced release.

Samsung grabbed the title last month with its 55-inch Display, but today LG is moving ahead of Sammy with a nearly nonexistent frame around its new 37-inch LCD unit that’s guaranteed to turn a few heads, especially as it migrates to larger screens in their line.

Here’s the stats: There’s 2.5mm of bezel on the bottom and right side of the screen, and 1.5mm on the top and left sides, resulting in a microscopic 4mm (0.16 inches) of separation, which is about as small as it can get and still actually have a bezel present.

We appreciate the race to slickness, but now its getting a little silly in our opinion. Thinner doesn’t always equal better, with people or HDTVs.

The Specs Specs: Prescription 3D HD Glasses?

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In all the hubbub over 3D and such, people forget that many need prescription eyeglasses to see anything, 3D or otherwise. Now Samsung is apparently doing something about this, as they’re preparing prescription level 3D active-shutter glasses for certain parts of that population. More here:

If the only thing holding you back from that new 3DTV purchase was the inconvenience of slipping the 3D glasses over the regular old 2D glasses you already wear, Samsung is the first major manufacturer with a solution now that it’s unveiled a prescription version in Korea. The SSG-R2200 models appear to be very similar to the company’s other active shutter 3D glasses in various shapes and sizes, but they’re made to order from an optometrist.

We’ll see these in the US as well at some point, but we’ll also have to see what kind of prices these go for.

Slim Chance: Samsung debuts new 55″ Ultra Slim bezel model

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Ever thinner profiles and bezels seem to be the new goal of many HDTV companies right now, and it seems Samsung is no exception in this race. Witness this new creation that was announced recently:

Remember the world’s thinnest bezel separation touted by Sharp just this past June? Forget about it. Samsung has bested its Japanese competitor with the unveiling of a new 55-inch Digital Information Display panel that features bezels of 3.8mm on the top and left edges and 1.9mm on the bottom and right, leading to a positively svelte 5.7mm distance between the content of neighboring displays. That good stuff is augmented with Full HD resolution and a blinding 700 nits of brightness. There’ll also be a 46-inch model that offers a 7.6mm separation (hint: that’s still pretty damn thin), though we’ve yet to learn on when and where aspiring home cinema nuts might be able to obtain either screen.

No prices announced yet either, but the pic here stirs the imagination for certain. We’ll bring more news when it becomes available.

Slicky Slick: Samsung’s new HDTV turns heads

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It appears Samsung is taking the HDTV competition quite seriously, as they have announced a very cool new HDTV, razor-thin with a very cool ‘Touch’ remote we really like, as many critics seem to as well. Here’s the scoop:

It’s a Samsung remote control that first blew us away at CES in January when Samsung’s ultra-thin LCD 9000 series TV was first announced. So why revisit it? Well, for starters… look at it! It’s a 3-inch touchsreen remote control in its production form that’s now shipping with the LED backlit 200Hz (not 240Hz, it’s Europe remember) Samsung C9000 — a TV measuring just 7.98-mm thick with a 55-inch diagonal. The remote control itself is built on a 600MHz ARM 11 processor with a custom remote control layer sitting atop Linux and a 2.4GHz 802.11n radio. As such, this little powerhouse gives you lots of options to control and view your media including the ability to continue watching the game even as your bladder drags you into less, shall we say, comfortable rooms. You can even preview other channels without interrupting that vast expanse of LCD viewed by others in the room. It also supports DLNA for streaming your media from any number of compatible devices. Naturally, it also functions as a programable remote for all your new gadget additions.

No prices or market estimates yet, but this one will make some noise, no doubt about it.

Update Glitch: Samsung Blu-Ray players having update troubles

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In a seemingly small (but very annoying) issue with the frequent updates that HD Blu-Ray players need to operate properly, Samsung has had to have users roll back their recent firmware update to allow the playback of certain movies. Apparently its happened before, as well. More details here:

As annoying as continuous Blu-ray player updates are, usually having the latest one is the best way to play more movies. Unfortunately the opposite was the case for Samsung (again) with the v2.09 update posted recently for its 2009 BD-Px600 line of players. Forum posters on CNET and AVSForum report the upgrade blocked them from playing Universal and Warner Bros. movies, which conveniently lock up after displaying the title image. Samsung’s rolled back to an older firmware version (v2.07) on its support site that should fix things for now, but with some users still having problems downgrading, all they can do is wait for the next update, whenever that arrives. Some help line reps have said the new version should arrive “in a couple of weeks,” but it’s not like you really wanted to watch Clash of the Titans or Book of Eli right now anyway, right?

This could be the only holdup to having BR HD take over the home media market; consumers don’t like to play musical updates just to watch a movie. Let’s hope they all get their act together soon so that this can all progress the way it was intended to.

Samsung Day: Contest rewards app HDTV widget developers

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Samsung must have a lock on today’s news, or maybe it just seems that way. Another fascinating item we got ahold of: It appears their HDTV app widget library has grown, but not fast enough for Sammy’s standards.

So now they’re offering a contest to rewards app developers who develop apps or widgets for the TV. Prizes include cash and entertainment systems as well, so it sounds good for any prospective app maker to get prizes for their toil and sweat.

For those acquainted with Java, XML and Flash Lite who are interested in getting their app up on TVs and Blu-ray players next to various popular apps, the contest runs from today to November 11, and requires a working app submission and video description as well.

By the end, 14 developers will walk away with between $1,000 and $200,000 each, plus a 3DTV, Blu-ray player and starter kit. Nice move, Samsung.

3D Gambit: Samsung unveils line of new 3D HDTVs

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New product announcements are always fun, and this time is no exception. Samsung announced some new 3D HDTV product releases today, and the news spread quickly among the video elite. They also introduced the first portable Blu-Ray player too, which should spur further acceptance of the media in the mainstream. More data (and pic) courtesy of Engadget:

Earlier today, Samsung pulled the curtain off (quite literally, might we add) its newest 3DTVs and the world’s first portable 3D Blu-ray player at its New York City press conference. We were able to slap on a pair of the 3D specs and spend a bit of time staring at the (admittedly amazing) 65-inch LED 3DTV, the fairly mediocre sub-$1,000 720p 3DTV as well as form some early impressions of the Blu-ray player.

Their impressions: 3D is still expensive if you want it good, and the portable BR player is nice but overpriced. About what we expected.

Update: Samsung releases new dual purpose HDTV

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Samsung is known for updating its offerings pretty quickly much of the time, and now they’ve done it again with their latest release:

Samsung’s updating its SyncMaster monitors today with the new premium LED backlit 90 series. Most notable is the 24-inch FX2490HD model with integrated TV tuner and inputs in the form of 2x HDMI, D-Sub, and even SCART for Europe — sorry, no mention of DVI or DisplayPort that we can find. The panel itself sports a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, 5ms response, 1,000:1 contrast, and 250 nits of brightness. Akihabara News adds a few details such as PiP support, a jack for viewing media direct from USB sticks, and support for 7.1 channel Dolby Digital and DTS audio.

It should arrive in the US and Europe as early as this month for around $540 or so.

Tuesday’s HDTV Deals and Offers

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It’s Tuesday, normally a rather nondescript day of the week, but with SS, every day is a chance to catch up on great HDTV news and offers. Take a look below for more evidence of this at work:

Tiger Direct – This is pretty amazing: The Samsung PN50C450 50″ 720p Plasma TV for $700 – $50 off with our special coupon code “FOJ4285” (Expires 8/7/10) = $650 with free shipping too. Check it out!

Walmart.com – Cheaper than a comparable tube TV was in its day, who would’ve believed! Here’s the Haier HL22XSL2 22” 1080p LED LCD HDTV – Black for $188.00 -  with free shipping. Decent stats for the price.

Thanks for joining us and have fun in HD land!

Cheaper is Still Good: Samsung 3D HDTV for under $1,000?

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Looks like Samsung’s 3D Blu-ray players aren’t the only ones coming in less expensive versions, as it’s announced plans for a new 680 Series and 490 Series plasma HDTVs, and these could signal a change or shift in the 3D pricing strategy, long considered a lot more expensive than comparable 2D units.

Both were displayed in Korea yesterday, though the US website only features a page for only the 50-inch PN50C680 up until now, boasting its 1080p specs and DLNA access for users to drool over. You will give up a few features typical of higher end plasmas, which add picture-in-picture, a higher contrast ratio and slimmer design to the feature list.

The PN50C490′s setup isn’t as clear, but popular HDTV blog FlatpanelsHD reports it will be the very first 720p 3DTV of this generation. With current series 4 plasmas selling for around $700 or so, it could also be the first flat 3D set to crack the $1,000 barrier at a estimated MSRP of  $1,099, meaning many vendors will sell them under that, more than likely — if the 720p doesn’t bother you (may not at these price points).

Expansion: Samsung (with little fanfare) adds new Blu-Ray models

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Growth and expansion can often be good things, and in this case a necessary thing with technology being the way it is these days. Samsung agrees, with the announcement (fairly quietly though) of additional models to their Blu-Ray lineup being released soon. More details:

Samsung Blu-ray players on the shelf at local or online retailers while shopping, as it’s rolling out new 3D capable models in the BD-C5900, BD-C6800 and BD-C7900. The $399 (MSRP) BD-C7900 updates the older BD-C6900 with two HDMI outs, useful for those with an older receiver that isn’t HDMI 1.4 compatible, while the $279 BD-C6800 seems to have all the features of the BD-C6900 except for that porthole on top, and comes in at a lower price. Last up is the BD-C5900 with an MSRP of $229 which puts it within reach of two bills at retail, but means losing the 1GB of internal storage featured by the other two players. The product pages aren’t all fully updated on Samsung’s site yet, but the BD-C5900 has already arrived at Amazon and Best Buy and the others shouldn’t be far behind.

We’re also guessing this will trigger a price drop on regular 2D models as well, though we already feel their prices are already pretty reasonable.

Saturday Scary Good HDTV Deals

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More great HDTV offers, so let’s get right to to savings with little ado:

Tiger Direct has a very nice deal on a decently sized Samsung P2770HD 25″ LCD HDTV for $299 – and with free shipping too. Pretty awesome price, and well-reviewed too.

Walmart has an excellent deal on a Vizio 42″ E420VL 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV for $598 with free shipping included. It’s just amazing how far prices have fallen of late, and this is just one example.

Check these out and feel free to join us tomorrow for more HDTV news.

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