Here They Come: Chunk of LG and Sony 3D HDTV units get prices

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This is the typical time of year when activity with new unit releases start to pick up greatly, and this year is no exception it appears. Sony and LG have jumped into the arena with lots of upcoming release news, and they mostly involve new 3D HDTV units, something we have mixed feelings about, but their basic specs sound pretty good too.

CES’s premium 3DTV crop is preparing to ship out, with Sony’s HX929, HX820 and HX720 series of LED LCD screens and LG’s Infinia PZ750 plasmas now priced at Amazon for pre-order and they look really good. reports that Sony’s local dimming Bravia TVs start at $2,099 for a 46-inch HX720 with the famous Gorilla Glass we’ve written about, all the way up to $3,799 for the monster 55″ XBR-55HX929 with a LED backlight. Quite drool-worthy.

Meanwhile, the 50″ LG PZ750 with built-in Smart TV tech starts out at a decent $1,599, while a gigantor 60″ version of the same set will go for $2,100 or so (also reasonable). Watch for these to appear for purchase quite soon.

3rd and 4th Place: Sony and LG respectively, LCD sales

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You know the market is pretty topsy-turvy when Vizio is so dominant with LCD HDTV sales, and a company like LG is in 4th place (and very far behind indeed). Curious is the word we’d use.

Now we know the raw reasoning behind this number: Vizio is prominently featured at Wal-Marts across the country, and their prices are pretty tough to beat. Never mind their pure stats with contrast ratio, etc are inferior to Sony and LG. Marketing and decent technologies have combined with low prices to make a juggernaut the other companies cannot ignore.

Raw numbers: Vizio captured a 27.6 percent market share, shipping roughly 2.9 million units in the US last year, a huge number. Samsung was second (kind of a surprise) with a 20.6 percent market share, shipping about 2.1 million sets total. Sony was third with 10.1 percent market share while LG was fourth with 9.4 percent.

Legal Battles VII: LG vs Sony?

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It appears LG is on the warpath a bit, and now they’re going after Sony according to recent reports (after Sony filed its own case). Accusations include patent infringement regarding the Bravia and the PS3, so this one will be duked out with a lot at stake. Read on:

Late last year, Sony smacked LG with claims of patent infringement, and now the Korean company is swinging back with complaints of its own. LG reportedly filed two claims with the ITC on February 4th, accusing Sony devices — including Bravia and PlayStation 3 — of stepping on eight separate LG patents. We knew something like this couldn’t be far behind Sony’s ITC filing and accompanying federal court case, and we’re equally unmoved to hear LG is firing back with its very own civil suit, recently filed in California. Last year we saw patent infringement suits spread like meningitis in a college dorm, and if this dispute is any sign, we can expect to see more of the same in 2011.

Lawsuits ar becoming the norm in the HDTV industry unfortunately, but hey, in the long run, innovation and competition is what makes better tech and prices for all of us.

Big Game, Big TV: Consumer Reports picks the top 5 HDTVs for Super Bowl viewing

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Consumer Reports is well-respected for their in-depth articles on a variety of topics, including HDTV units. They’ve released their top selections for Super Bowl viewing fun, including a Sony, a Panasonic, and an LG.

We agree with the list for the most part, and notice two of the five units are Plasma technology, proving that Plasma units aren’t quite as dead as previously thought. The Sony we think is priced a bit on the high side for the screen real estate you get, but the picture is excellent, according to numerous reviews, and of course you all know of our respect for everything LG in the HD department.

Here’s the link to the article itself, and happy Super Bowl TV hunting to all of you, dear readers.

Super Bowl HD: Best Buy starts up HDTV specials for pigskin epic

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Every year, it seems many companies put HDTV units on sale for the big sports day, the Super Bowl, and this year is no exception.

It will feature 14 Sony TVs, and its good from January 23 to January 29, 2011. Prices are decent for the type of units they are, indeed. Here’s more info from the source:

During the promotion, Best Buy is offering discounts on 14 different Sony sets, including:

* Sony Bravia 60-inch, 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV for $1,998 ($1,001 off the regular price)
* Sony Bravia 55-inch, 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV for $1,499 ($800 off the regular price.)
* Sony Bravia 55-inch, 1080p 3D 240Hz LED HDTV for $1,798 ($1,401 off the regular price.)
* Sony Bravia 46-inch, 1080p 60Hz LCD HDTV for $763 ($86 off the regular price.)
* Sony Bravia 46-inch, 1080p 3D 240Hz LED HDTV for $1,499 ($1,000 off the regular price.)
* Sony Bravia 40-inch 1080p, 60Hz LCD HDTV for $599 ($50 off the regular price.)

We always appreciate sales, so we thought we would pass this one on to our fair readers.

Busting Out: Sony announces 27 new HDTV units to be released

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We like big line announcements, and this one from Sony is a doozy. For a time when HDTV shipments are actually down, Sony is upping the ante with their recent release of info for 27 new or modified HDTVs being released to a store near you in 2011. Witness:

The 2011 lineup of Sony Bravia HDTVs is quite extensive with a total fo 27 models spanning nine lines. All but the five most inexpensive models feature internet streaming services while 16 of the higher end models being 3D capable. Most of the great streaming services we’ve come to expect are there, but in addition you can now watch Time Warner Cable VOD without a set-top-box as well. A few of the lines are compatible with a special Sony 720p camera (CMU-BR100) for use with Skype, while others feature Gorilla Glass. The XBR-HX929 Series sits at the top with a new local dimming technology called Intelligent Peak LED Backlight, and is also one of the lines that supports the new Media Remote application for iPhone, iPod Touch or Android, which includes full remote capabilities as well as a keyboard. The 929s will be available in April in 46, 55 and 65-inches, with the others hitting the street sometime between February and May.

That 65 incher will be something to behold we’re quite certain. We look forward to reporting on these as they’re released.

Fancy Techy News: Hybrid FPA tech developed by Sony to make LCDs look better

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Technology in the world of LCD and HDTV enetertainment is always marching forward, and in this case, Sony has come up with some pretty fancy light footwork to make the LCD experience even better. Courtesy of Engadget, here’s the lowdown:

Sony has announced a new LCD display technology called Hybrid FPA (field-induced photo-reactive alignment), which it claims provides a bevy of improvements for LCDs in the areas of response time, contrast, panel stability, and production speed. For those of you who slept through display science in school (no shame), this boils down to Sony finding a better way to wrangle unruly liquid crystal molecules (LCMs) into more optimal alignments — which is important since this affects how light passes and therefore how images are resolved. The new technique builds on earlier work, which focused on the vertical alignment of LCMs via an alignment layer. As the left diagram shows, through pre-tilt positioning at the substrate layer, LCMs were forced into a more stable vertical state, which made shifting them quicker and more precise while requiring less voltage. In other words, images resolved faster and more evenly, resulting in “cleaner” whites and blacks with less motion blur. Hybrid FPA simply improves the situation by aligning LCMs even more vertically, which produced response times of less than 3ms in tests.

No word when this tech will be available, but hey, it all sounds great if you’re a 3D HD lover.

Game and TV in One: New Sony HDTV with built-in PS2 debuts

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Yes, it’s a 720p HDTV and a PS2 gaming console made to play together happily with this very cool Sony model recently debuting overseas. Here’s the skinny:

Sure, the PS3 is what’s hip and happening for Sony game fans, but unless you picked up one of the first generation (chubby) units you have questionable support for the greatest generation of games: those that released for the PS2. But, don’t fret noble gamer, and don’t lament about trading that console in for $15 store credit a few years back. Just buy a new TV! Sony’s KDL-22PX300 LCD has a rather hunky base that conceals a fully working PlayStation 2. That console is fully backwards compatible with O.G. PlayStation games and naturally also plays DVDs but, if that isn’t enough pixels for you, four HDMI ports await the clumsy probes of cables from sources that can better handle the ways of its 720p panel. The set can also serve up video from Sony’s Bravia service over Ethernet or an optional wireless dongle. It’s priced at £200 in the UK, which is just a tick over $300.

A US release is a possibility with some modifications in design of course, but no word on whether that will happen or not.

Most Reliable HDTV: Panasonic?

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Based on a recent large survey published in PC World Magazine, Panasonic is the big reliability winner with HDTV units – and that’s even with their consumer service being just about average. However, the mag said the results are clear: readers call the sets “very reliable” with few if any serious problems, if stats are to be believed.

PC World recently asked that consumers grade their units on a variety of “reliability” stats including whether the set had any problems right away and its ease of daily use. Panasonic finished #1, with “better than average” grades on “overall satisfaction with reliability,” “significant problems” and “severe problems.”, which should make Panny quite proud indeed.

The remaining top five in order: LG, Sony, Hitachi, Olevia (the last two are a bit of a shock really). The LG part certainly is not a shock, as we’ve always praised LG for their quality and reliability.

The bottom five of shame: View Sonic was the worst. 2nd to worst: Mitsubishi (a surprise), then comes JVC, Westinghouse, and Toshiba, in reverse of order of badness.

Hulu News: Coming to a BRAVIA HDTV near you

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We love Hulu and think its the next logical step to content of all kinds, HD and otherwise. News that it will be leaking into HDTV models (and the PS3) very soon makes it even better. More details:

Hulu has just revealed a movement to get Hulu Plus stocked with more content and onto more devices, STAT. Making sure those words aren’t empty, we’re learning that all 2010 Sony BRAVIA HDTVs will today have access to the subscription programming service, with it bleeding over to Sony’s various Blu-ray players, home theater systems, network media players and even the Dash — yeah, that Dash — in due time. In related news, Hulu will be soon yanking the invite requirement to get Hulu Plus on the PlayStation 3, and as of next week, any ole PlayStation Network member (as opposed to PlayStation Plus, as it stands today) will be able to grab it. ‘Course, even those freeloaders will be forced to pony up $9.99 per month if they’re interested in using it.

Easier accessibility is the key to any product’s success, so we’re quite happy with this development.

Shipping Out: Sony outsourcing high-end HDTV production – bad news?

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Sony is a company in financially bad straits, no doubt about it, but it appears they must be pretty bad off to consider their possible next move – outsourcing the production of their high-end units to another company in Taiwan. Here’s the scoop courtesy of Engadget:

Potentially bad news this morning for fans of high-end Sony HDTVs. The company, still struggling with huge losses and desperate to find reasonable pricing for its exported TVs amid historically high values for the yen, is looking to outsource not only assembly but full panel production on many of its LCDs. According to the report, up to 80 percent of Sony’s 2011 sets will be manufactured externally, with between 40 and 50 percent of those getting panels manufactured by Foxconn-affiliate CMI. Foxconn itself is said to be producing 18 million sets, while Wistron, the other major partner here, will stamp out Sony’s Google TV. If true this will be the first time Sony has outsourced full production of its higher-end models to Taiwan. None of this has been confirmed by any of these players, so apply salt to taste, but the concepts certainly make sense, and recent production slowdowns at the company’s massive new LCD production facility could be related.

Who knows if this will affect quality; it may or may not, but we’re hoping it doesn’t reduce Sony to an also-ran in the HDTV wars.

New News: Google TV arrives in stores?

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It appears that Sony and Google HDTV alliance has begun, as many blogs are reporting early releases on the new platform, and the world of interactive HDTV content may never be the same again. Read on to see more about it from Engadget:

Sony told us that Best Buy wouldn’t begin selling its Google TV sets until October 24, but it looks like that wasn’t quite right — sources within the big box retailer tell us the TVs have already arrived, and will be free for all to purchase when an October 17th street date breaks tomorrow morning. The scrap of paper you see above goes on to suggest that full shipments may not actually arrive until the 19th and that the Logitech Revue won’t appear until the 20th, but if you’re looking to get a nice big NSX without hunting for a Sony Style store, it’s definitely worth a shot.

It’s a big-time hype release, and we’ll have some coverage on it soon when it releases officially and we get some hands-on reports into our greedy fingers.

The Saturday Afternoon HDTV Deals Post

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If you get the reference in the title to this post, congratulate yourself and take a look at these great HDTV deals (well, look at them either way): – A nice deal on a primo unit: The Sony BRAVIA KDL-46NX810 46” Full HD 3D 1080p LCD TV for $2298.00 with free shipping too. Lots of great features and a great price make this worth a look. – We love us some LG, and this is a very good deal, indeed: The LG 37LH55 37” 1080p 240Hz LCD HDTV for $719.77 with free shipping as well tops off this awesome offer.

Thanks for reading and keep on visiting our happy blog for more HDTV fun and news.

Info Leak: Google TV info?

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Sometimes even the most secret of information can be leaked suddenly by the various tech blogs that patrol the web for this very kind of thing. Witness the new info leaked about Google TV. Read on, brave HDTV lover:

While its controller may have a button layout that only an Atari Jaguar apologist could love (…), Sony’s Google TV set itself is still something intriguing, if only because of the missing pieces of the puzzle set to be revealed October 12th. Or now, perhaps, if this Sony Insider leak proves true. According to the site, four models will initially be introduced: NSX-24GT1, NSX-32GT1, NSX-40GT1, and NSX-46GT1 — which, as you may have surmised, correspond to 24-, 32-, 40-, and 46-inch sets. While no price is known for the littlest of the quartet, the others are reportedly equipped with respective $1299.99, $1499.99, and $1899.99 price tags. The lowest of those three is about $300 more than BRAVIA EX710, the most expensive Sony 32-incher right now.

We like the inside info and the Sony Google TV feature set, but those prices, ugh. Hopefully street prices will be a little lower.

Firmware Update: Welcome and Hello, 3D HD Blu-Ray and PS3

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It appears Sony is on the ball with the very latest in HD 3D Blu-Ray, and after much discussion, rumor and turmoil, Sony is about ready to unleash 3D Blu-Ray support for the PS3. The following describes in more detail the news itself:

We’ve been waiting for 3D Blu-ray support to hit the PS3 for a good long while now, and Sony’s been promising it would happen for, well, exactly that same amount of time. Yesterday the company confirmed that the 3D-enabling 3.50 firmware update is less than a week away, dropping on September 21.

We like the news, as the further this drops into the mainstream, the better chance it has of not being a bust. We applaud (finally!) Sony’s efforts to catch up with this technology.

More Exclusivity: Bolt and Alice 3D Blu-Ray made Sony only

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Another day, another exclusive 3D Blu-Ray deal made. We aren’t really sure this is the best thing for the medium long-term, but companies seem to think this is the best path for market acceptance, for some reason. This time Disney made the deal with Sony, and here’s the whole rundown:

This time it’s Disney, opting to align its Alice in Wonderland and Bolt movies with Sony products over the holiday season as the two team up on “consumer and retail education, promotion and marketing support for in-home 3D devices and content.” That means buyers of Sony 3D TVs and Blu-ray players may have one of the above as a pack-in, while everyone else waits ’til the unspecified time when they’re released at retail. Hear that? That’s the sound of 3D early adopters queueing up Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs for the umpteenth time, camping out in line for Monster House next week or wildly overpaying for pack in / overseas 3D discs only they can’t otherwise get on eBay.

We agree that this will create an artificially high market for awhile, and may prevent wide penetration in the industry for awhile. We’ll see how all of this shakes out, as we don’t have a great feeling about all these exclusive 3D BR deals going on right now.

Mid-Range Joy: Sony announces new middle of the road 3D HDTV choices

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We all love a good deal, but some like their prices squarely in the middle. Not too expensive, but not the bottom of the line either. Sony is happy to oblige apparently, as they have announced new 3D HDTV choices that should be more wallet pleasing. Read onward:

Sony’s finally taken the wraps off its latest televisions for the US market, carrying the NX810 model number. Available in 60-, 55- and 46-inch sizes next month, these give a 3D spec bump (and around a $200 premium on the MSRP) to the existing NX800 series of Edge LED lit HDTVs that came out earlier this year. Like the NX800, these feature a slick monolith design, built-in WiFi, widgets and an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the picture in changing room conditions, but other than the 3D-readiness (and coupons for free Blu-ray 3D movies and PSN games, though it looks like you’ll have to pay for the glasses on your own) it’s hard to find any differences on paper.

Good stuff, lower prices are something we can always agree on.

Panny’s New Move: New line of HDTVs with 2D-3D conversion

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It seems 3D, in some form or another, is here to stay. And Panasonic is advancing the technology with the first line of HDTV products with 2D to 3D conversion included. Not cheap, but here’s the quick rundown from Engadget:

If you thought you could crawl in a corner and wait for this 3D onslaught to pass, you may be camped out for some time to come. Panasonic is following up on its CES introductions with a new pair of 3D plasmas for the gaming set, the Viera 3D GT25 range. Said series is debuting with a pair to choose from, the 50-inch TC-P50GT25 and the 42-inch TC-P42G25. The latter is Panny’s first-ever 42-inch Full HD 3D plasma, and as you’d expect, both of these guys will require active shutter glasses in order to operate. As for specs? You’re looking at a 1080p panel, 600Hz sub-field drive, 24p playback and (a company first) 2D-to-3D conversion that may or may not be the answer to all of life’s problems.

We like the approach, even if Sony and several other companies are planning similar products. Prices will start around the $1,700 USD mark or so.

Saturday HDTV Super Deals

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It’s Saturday, and that means (for most anyway) a day off from work filled with fun, sun and joy, and here anyhow great deals on HDTV models. Feel free to gander:

Dell occasionally has some great prices on top models. For example, this Sony BRAVIA KDL-46EX700 46″ LED Backlit 1080p 120Hz HDTV – price: $1045 with free shipping too. Good stuff – now tell us we aren’t looking out for you! is a reputable online shop with some nice deals at times. The LG 37LH55 37” 240Hz 1080p LCD HDTV for $789.77 with free shipping too. Good technology and the perfect size for a bedroom or study.

Thanks for reading and have fun!

Wednesday’s Wacky HDTV Deals

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Once again we present some of the finest HDTV offers anywhere on the web: – How about a solid Philips 47PFL6704D 47” 1080p LCD HDTV 240hz  for $999.00 with free shipping as well. Now that’s a few hundred less than even a few months ago. Check it out!

Sony has a Sony KDL-32EX308 BRAVIA 32″ Internet-ready 720p LCD HDTV for $432 with free shipping as well. Great deal! You can look at lots of net enabled functions like Netflix, etc pretty easily and makes this a heck of an entertainment device.

Thanks for joining us and see you all later!

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