Blu-Ray News: Star Wars saga set for release Sept. 16th

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We reported this huge Blu-Ray news a few months ago, now we have a firm date for release (we didn’t have that previously): Sept. 16th is when you will ‘use the force’ once again, this time in crystal clear HD Blu-Ray.

We’ve heard this will be the “Special Edition” versions of the films included, fully remastered by Lucas himself for the best quality around, with tons of extras, interviews, etc. It should be a huge seller, so pre-ordering may be necessary for best results and to guarantee yourself a copy when it comes out. Feel free to comment here if you plan on buying it, we know we’ll be anxiously awaiting our copy.

Price was not released at press time, but expect prices for 3 packs (1-3 or 4-6) to be around the $50 mark or so.

BR Release News: Star Wars saga to arrive on Blu-Ray in September

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It’s been rumored, long-awaited and breathlessly talked about by Star Wars fans around the globe, and now thanks to CES, its official: The Star Wars saga will be released on Blu-Ray in September 2011.

It will be issued 3 different ways:

Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-ray (9-disc Set includes all six films)
Star Wars: Prequel Blu-ray Trilogy (3-disc set includes Episodes I-III)
Star Wars: Original Blu-ray Trilogy (3-disc set includes Episodes IV-VI)

We highly recommend the 6 pack of movies, and it will also include over 30 hours of special features, and exclusive never before seen deleted scenes and bonus footage. This sounds very impressive indeed, and we’ll be early in line to grab these. Prices will top out at $139.99 for the whole shebang, which isn’t too bad really considering how awesome these will look on BR.

Movie Update: Blu-Ray version of Star Wars to appear in 2011

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The long-awaited, frequently rumored Star Wars Blu-Ray set will be debuting in 2011, based on a big-time conference announcement that recently took place. In attendance was Lucas himself, who also said some other things that purists may not like. Read on:

As rumored, all six Star Wars movies will be released together on Blu-ray in 2011 for the 35th anniversary of the release of A New Hope. George Lucas personally announced the set on stage at the Celebration V event, and showed off a deleted scene from Return of the Jedi that will be included (embedded after the break.) While the “highest picture and audio quality” and extensive special features are promised, what won’t make it to Blu-ray are the original versions of the movies; Lucas told the New York Times that only the special editions will be included, since restoring the original versions in high enough quality would cost too much.

Lucasfilms has deep pockets, so its more like ‘we can’t be bothered to do it’ as the reason the originals won’t be included. No exact release date has been set yet, but we’re guessing early 2011 as the approximate date.