Go Green, Get a Better Picture Too: THX suggests calibrating HDTVs to save the world

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20090901-thx-greenThe multimedia wizards with THX and Lucasfilm have offically suggested that one way to save electricity (and thus, the environment) is to calibrate your HDTV very carefully when you get it. Most TVs are set to 100% contrast right out of the box, costing you money.

Videophiles have always known about this, but we’re hoping that THX can bring this message to everyone: TVs shouldn’t double as tanning lamps and room heaters.

How about a 15 – 50% energy savings for a good reason to try this out? Simply activating the THX adjustments screens built into some DVDs is enough to save you $50-100 a year on your power bill (and get a better overall picture too), and that should be incentives enough for anyone.

THX Joy: LG LH90 series released in the US

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thx-lg90-lg-hdtvWe’ve covered LG’s series of THX certified TVs previously, when they released on other shores. Now they’re migrating to the US, and we’re here to inform our readers of the event.

LG’s 240Hz LH90 series of LED-backlit, 1080p trio is now shipping to US shores, much to the delight of HDTV fans everywhere no doubt, based on these specs.

The sets, which are one of the easly LCD sets to earn THX certification, also feature the all-important ambient light sensor, 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and that ultra-cool 240Hz refresh.

The prices aren’t the cheapest LG has ever offered, admittedly: a rather steep $3,199.95 (55-inch), $2,399.95 (47-inch), or $1,899.95 (42-inch). Street prices may be a little lower.

AVForums Review: Panasonic THX 50″ TX-P50V10 Plasma

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20090515-panasonicAnother day, another Plasma review, this time from AVForums. And this has THX built in, so you know it’ll look and sound right.

Panasonic’s newest and coolest plasma TVs with the NeoPDP panels are grabbing a nice, solid rep across their price ranges, and now it’s this series’ chance to continue that trend at the more high end price ranges. And continue the trend it does, as this review was quite positive.

Rising from the G10 series, the 50″ TX-P50V10 (available mostly in the UK right now) AVForums reviewed did quite well indeed. The “sheet of glass” design looks mighty cool and grabs the eye, but the THX picture adjustments built in came through with flying colors.

According to the review, the THX setting out of the box did very well, enough so that the reviewer gave it a thumbs up over the G10 right away. Also important to note: 24p material was handled the right way, which alsdo hopefully means that Panasonic’s 96Hz refresh in the US models will put the prominent 3:2 artifacts to rest for good.

Overall, the review was glowing and further proof that videophiles may still favor Plasma over LCD for awhile yet. More detailed review is here.