New Stuff Galore: Toshiba shows off its 2011 lineup with lots of goodies

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Press for new lineup announcements is always a fun thing for us, as we marvel at companies and all of their evolutionary advances, and such is the case for Toshiba’s HDTV advances announced recently via reports on blogs and tech publications. Engadget HD has a nice little roundup of the line coming soon to a store near you:

Toshiba’s focus at CES was glasses free 3D displays, but it highlighted more conventional HDTVs today at an event in Rome. Its new TVs and laptops all tie in to Toshiba Places, which sorts out access to different types of apps for video, social networking, music and other areas and is ready to launch this month. Separating Toshiba from the competition is a slew of new technology and the top of the line 55ZL1 model checks all the boxes: Seven core CEVO CPU for image processing, a Pro-LED512 panel that is the world’s first with 512 zones of dimming among 3,072 LEDs, Personal-TV facial recognition that picks up on which user is watching then personalizes to their preferred settings and active shutter 3D glasses. The edge lit LED VL863 series will come in 47- and 42-inch versions featuring LG’s FPR passive glasses 3D and four pairs of glasses, while the 32- through 46-inch UL863 drops 3D for built-in WiFi and Personal-TV. The SL863 series is the final step down, nixing built-in WiFi.

Prices? Nope, not part of the story here, but we expect fairly competitive prices considering Toshiba isn’t usually any higher than most of the comparable technologies from other companies. The Pro-LED512 panel in particular excites us as leading edge LED technology that should bleed into other designs in the future.

Real Life: Toshiba and Hitachi plants damaged by quake, will shut down for a month

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Yes, we discuss the joys of HDTV on our articles here, but every so often, real life intervenes, and such is the case here after the massive 9.0 quake in China apparently damaged some plants the produce some of the marvelous LCD screens we marvel at every day.

It appears Toshiba and Hitachi assembly lines will shut down for a month or so to deal with ‘damages’ cause by the quake and following tsunami that recently ravaged China, the hub of operations for many of our HDTV producing friends. No firm estimates have been given for full operations to resume for either company.

Who knows if this will affect supplies of HDTV screens in the near future, but some mild shortages are likely according to a number of blogs and sources, but that’s the least of the problems facing that country we suppose, in the big scheme of things.

Online Price Dip: $440 for a 40″ Toshiba 1080p HDTV?

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Prices are continuing to slide downwards for new HDTV units, seemingly hitting new lows every few weeks now.

Amazon has, for example, a really cool deal on a 40″ 1080p Toshiba HDTV with a USB connection and loads of good features, well-rated on the site as well: $440, brand new? Pretty amazing indeed, as our predictions of pricing sliding downwards is coming true pretty rapidly. We only hope this spurs slightly lagging sales into the new 2011 model year, as technology and TVs are looking better overall than they ever have.

It’ll be curious how many more deals like this will pop up as vendors seek to clear inventories following the big Super Bowl push.

Surprise, Not Quite: Glasses-free 3D HDTV selling slowly in Japan

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Yes, we’re all truly shocked indeed….glasses-free 3D HDTV units released by Toshiba, their GL1 line, is selling pretty slowly in Japan right now. We weren’t super jazzed about it at release time when we covered it, but there you go. More here:

In truly surprising news, it appears that a combination of high prices, small sizes and a somewhat questionable viewing experience have caused Toshiba’s new GL1 line of glasses-free 3DTVs to sell more slowly than the company expected. In their first month of availability the 20-inch set, priced at 240,000 yen ($2,940), sold around 500 units while its 12-inch cousin sold even less than that, despite projections both would sell at least 1,000 units. Don’t think Toshiba’s letting its hard work go the way of the old Sony XEL-1 OLED TVs just yet, as we saw at CES, it’s still committed to bringing autostereoscopic 3D in larger screen sizes to the masses despite the potential technological hurdles like providing more viewing angles for the 3D effect.

Once larger units come out at reasonable prices, that will be the real test, we think.

Glasses-Free: No glasses needed for Toshiba GL1 3D screens to be released soon

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We’ve spouted about 3D and possible limited future in the limelight, but one thing that may change the equation is the rise of glasses-free 3D viewing, such as the soon to be announced Toshiba GL1. More here:

The panacea of glasses-free 3D displays (or content) might not yet be upon us, but Toshiba’s doing its best by putting the two models in its Regza GL1 family up for sale in Japan. Tomorrow marks the debut of the smaller 12GL1, spanning a 12-inch diagonal and offering the unconventional resolution of 466 x 350. That’s expected to be priced at ¥120,000 ($1,431), exactly half of the ¥240,000 ($2,863) asking price of the 20GL1, which will follow it swiftly with retail availability on December 25th. The latter display has the decency to come equipped with a more civilized 720p resolution and 550:1 contrast ratio, although, as you can see above, neither panel can be accused of being unnecessarily thin or space-efficient. Still, this parallax barrier stuff is the best we’ve got for the moment — and as usual the best we’ve got resides in Japan only.

While not cheap, this could be where the future of 3D HDTV rests. We’ll keep an eye on it of course.

Big Time: Toshiba Power TV runs on integrated battery

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It seems the world of big screen LED HDTV has merged with the world of built-in batteries in a very nice marriage indeed, according to Toshiba. A 32″ LED HDTV running on a battery? Yes indeed. Read on:

Toshiba just announced its new Power TV family of battery-powered LED TVs. Mind you, these aren’t tiny portables. Toshiba’s PC 1 sets are pushing 32- or 24-inches and are the world’s first (according to Toshiba) to integrate a rechargeable battery good for about two hours of power. Why? Because even people lacking clean, consistent power desire the mind-numbing escape afforded by a large televised football match. The sets feature “auto signal booster” tech to enhance viewing in areas with weak signal coverage and “auto view” to optimize the picture based on ambient lighting conditions.

Now these have many uses, including areas with spotty electric service, or even to take along on a very modern camping trip of some sort.

More Google TV Fun: Toshiba and Vizio to jump on the bandwagon next year

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It appears Google TV has been a moderate success, at least with TV execs. It appears (according to Engadget and various other blogs and sites) that HDTV makers Toshiba and Vizio will be joining the G-TV parade in January or so of next year. Read for more info:

Content providers might be banning Google TV left, right, and center, but hardware partners don’t seem to be losing any enthusiasm. After Samsung openly admitted to contemplating a HDTV with Google TV hardware and software built right in, Toshiba and Vizio are now said to have firm plans to introduce such new products at January’s CES 2011. While neither manufacturer would be drawn into confirming this latest bit of insider info, Toshiba’s American GM, Jeff Barney, is quoted as saying, “Google certainly is a key partner for us on the PC side and will likely be key for us on the TV side as well.” How else could Google function as a key TV partner than with its web-connected TV experience?

Hopefully, this will convince content providers that GTV is worth supporting and lift their embargo of the service. We aren’t holding our breath to be honest, but we can always hope.

Premature Savings: Amazon launches Pre-Black Friday sales

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It appears the trend (as we predicted) towards launching pre-Black Friday sales is in full swing, as Amazon got into the party with a great deal on a 55″ HDTV, as written about here:

Amazon today is launching an early Black Friday sale, starting with a Toshiba 55-inch LED HDTV for 50 percent off.

The set, model 55UX600U, normally costs $2,399 but is available today for $1,199 while supplies last. The 55-inch TV is Net enabled and features Net services such as Vudu, a VOD service.

Now 50% off is an amazing deal, especially given its size and features, and it isn’t even November yet! We like the trend, and this season should see HDTV ownership skyrocket due to decreasing prices and great deals that should be offered. Offer subject to selling out of course.

A Bust: Toshiba glasses-free debut not promising?

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Here’s some early hands-on reviews regarding Toshiba’s glass-free HDTV 3D unit, and they aren’t exactly good. Many have negative things to say about the current state of the technology sans glasses:

Toshiba this week introduced several glasses-free 3D HDTVs at the Ceatec conference and the media reviews are not exactly eye-popping.

For instance, CNET writes that you have to sit very close to the center of the screen to experience the 3D effect. And, “you have to stand pretty close to the (set), closer than any normal person would want to for feat of singeing their retinas.”

3D TV makers have struggled to generate sales this year and consumer surveys have suggested that the 3D goggles is a major obstacle; viewers simply don’t want to wear ( or pay extra for) special glasses while watching TV.

To combat that concern, Toshiba this week has unveiled three models, a 12-inch set, a 20-inch set and a 56-inch model. The 12-inch and 20-inch sets are expected to be available in Japan by year’s end for $1,400 and $2,800 respectively (translated into dollars.)

CNET writes that the glasses-free 3D set uses a 2D image and then makes nine images from it to create the 3D effect.

But The New York Post writes today that the viewer would have to sit between 15 and 25 inches from the screen to get the 3D effect.

Well, that isn’t a good thing. We’re one of the ones that think this tech could take off, if a reliable and solid glasses-free unit could really work.

Newness News: Toshiba releasing LED HDTV series in the US

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Toshiba hasn’t been quiet all this time, they’re releasing a group of gorgeous Toshiba HDTVs that was previewed at IFA, and they’re coming to a living room near you, assuming you’re in the USA.

Just as we expected, Toshiba has come out with the US variants of its well-regarded LED-based Cinema Series, with the big-time WX800 models (46- and 55-inches) getting 3D Resolution+ technology, 240Hz processor, 802.11b/g/n WiFi included, the company’s own Enhanced NET TV service with the always fun Yahoo! widgets and a native 1080p panel too. We’re out of breath from all that, and you may be too when you get this in your living room.

The lower end VX700 models (again, 46- and 55-inches) is meant for those ok with 2D (read: most of us right now), but are fairly similar aside from that.

Try This: Saturday Afternoon HDTV Fever

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Well the title isn’t quite as catchy as the famous 70′s dance movie, but hey, we do our best. Once again we present our infamous HDTV deals section for your pleasure: – Here’s a Toshiba 55UX600U 55″ 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV with Net TV for $1499 with free shipping. Add to cart to see special price. Great specs and internet goodness too, how can you go wrong?

Best Buy – The LG 55LD520 55″ 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV for $1298 with free shipping is a heck of a deal, and here it is. We love us some LG, and this is a great price for a monster size.

Thanks for reading and join us tomorrow for more hi-res hijinks.

Friday’s Freaky HDTV Deal-O-Rama

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Yes, its once again time for some of the great hi-def deals anywhere on the web, courtesy of SS. Feel free to continue reading:

Walmart – Plasma is always a nice option, and here is the Panasonic Viera TC-P50S2 50″ 1080p S2 Series Plasma HDTV for $899, and with free shipping. WalMart is tough to beat for these mid-range deals, and this is just such a case. This HDTV would have been $2,000+ 2-3 years ago. – The 40″ ranges are becoming more and more inexpensive we’ve noticed. This Toshiba 40XV645U REGZA 40” LCD HDTV for $599.95 with free shipping is a perfect point to accent this shift in pricing.

Feel free to click the links above. Happy HDTV shopping, and make sure to stop by and read us this weekend.

2D/3D Hybrid: New Toshiba prototype allows new dimensions of entertainment

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It seems Toshiba is up to some new twists on the 3D HDTV genre, according to recent trade show reports. We always like new stuff to report to you, our readers, so here’s the scoop, according to a recent blog post on several blogs:

One of Toshiba’s favorite hobbies is to tease the general public with prototype autostereoscopic technology, and that’s exactly what we have here today; demoed at SID 2010, this screen can display 2D and 3D images simultaneously on the same 12-inch screen, no glasses required. How it does that is rather complicated, especially when translated from the Japanese, but it sounds like Toshiba’s sandwiched a special panel with gradient-index lenses between a high-speed polarizer and the typical color LCD.

We like the sound of that, as it could enable those with 3D quality vision to see the screen the same as those who don’t possess this ability, a real step forward for usability and flexibility. We’re guessing it’ll be awhile before this is applied to anything at the consumer level, but its nice to know companies don’t rest coming up with new stuff.

Packed Set: Toshiba HDTV line to offer HDD and USB storage

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It seems Toshiba is feeling the heat from competition from various companies, and will soon be upgrading their REGZA line of HDTVs (at least in Japan) to include many new features common to today’s sets, including USB and HDD storage. You can read more about it here:

If you were contemplating a move to Japan (you know, because you’re sick of waiting for all those feature-packed REGZA HDTVs to make it stateside) the idea just got a little more compelling. The new REGZA R1 series (up to 42-inches) and REGZA H1 series (32 and 37-inch displays) sport USB ports for recording and external storage. All but the 32-inch models feature 1080p (the little guys make due with 720p) and the R1 line also feature IPS panels and an enhanced gaming mode. All of the above support DLNA streaming, four HDMI ports, analog inputs, and two 10W speakers. But that’s not all! In addition to USB, the H1 line throws in the 500GB hard drives that are becoming commonplace on other REGZA models lately.

Look for the sets to appear in stores in early to mid June, and estimated street prices will begin at ¥150,000 (about $1,600 USD), while the R1 line is due very soon and will start at ¥130,000 (about $1,400 USD), pretty reasonable prices for sets with this line of features.

It appears Toshiba is in the running as far as feature-packed HDTV sets these days. Hopefully, these will drop in the states sooner or later.

Saturday’s HDTV Sale Mania

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We love us some great HDTV deals, and here’s some more for your review:

Newegg – Now here is a well-reviewed TV with 1080p for (almost) a song: The Toshiba Regza 40XV648U 40″ 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV for $750 – and we even provide you with a $100 off with coupon code “EMCYRZT57” (Expires 4/22), so this bad boy will only run you $650. Who loves you, baby?

ButterflyPhoto – Here’s the best offer on this monster unit we’ve seen: the Samsung PN63B550 63” 1080p 600Hz Plasma HDTV, and they even throw in a Free 5pc TV Hook Up Kit for $1969.00 with free shipping too? Yep, the price is not a misprint.

Thanks for reading and feel free to check out the offers on the page.

Win7 Fun: Toshiba releases first Windows 7 compatible HDTV

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20103ux600-4600-goo-win7Here’s a new approach to HDTV design : a Windows 7 certified huge 55-inch TV. The actual application of this is up in the air as far as what this will mean for the future of HDTV and widgets and the like, but its probably nothing but good for interactive TV going forward.

Toshiba’s 120Hz UX600 series is not just a huge TV, its the first official Microsoft certified unit, thanks in part to DLNA support over Ethernet or WiFi.

It even features the Win 7 logo on the unit, so there’s no guesswork as far as consumers go, which does much for confidence and streaming media to your TV. We’re hoping Toshiba does very good things with this going forward, but the jury’s out as to what sort of things will be supported by this one.

New Fever: Toshiba releases specs for new HDTV line

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20103ux600-4600Toshiba hasn’t always been considered top of the heap in HDTV technology, but they, their new lines might change things a little bit, for the better. They announced a slew of new HDTVs due in stores this month.

The 120Hz UX600 takes top dog status with its edge-lit LEDs and under 2-inch thickness (fairly standard in the biz now for new designs), plus the bonus of a WiFi adapter for access to all the NET TV features with VUDU and DLNA support, included with purchase. Very cool, assuming speed wise it’ll be better than some of HDTV net stuff we’ve seen.

The 40-, 46- and 55-inch versions retail at $1,399, $1,699 and $2,499, respectively, so not cheap, but net functionality and thinness come at a price.

The 120Hz G300 series is available in the same sizes but without the LEDs, WiFi, Net TV and slim “Air Lagoon” styling the price maxes out at $1,599 for the biggest screen, which is fairly wallet friendly.

All of these should be available via online vendors (and stores) by the end of the week or so.

Legal News: Dell sues 5 companies over LCD price-fixing

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dell-logoLooks like Dell is jumping into the legal ring, and many in the industry are celebrating the PC giant’s guts, even if they’re predicting it will be a long battle with few real victors. We’ve covered court related joy before here at SS, but this one may be huge.

The company has filed a lawsuit in a San Francisco court today against four LCD makers – Sharp, Hitachi, Toshiba, and Seiko Epson – and Taiwan-based HannStar as well. The crime they’re accusing the companies of, you may ask? The much-chronicled, much-discussed and reviled LCD price fixing scandal.

At least two of the companies mentioned (Sharp and Hitachi) have already come out and admitted involvement and paid fines in other cases, so it doesn’t appear they have a big defense really. We’ll keep an eye on this as it develops.

Thursday’s Thrilling HDTV Deals

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R104-4200-main02-amMore great HDTV bargains for your reading pleasure:

Circuit City has the new, improved and decently spec’ed RCA Scenium 42” 1080p 120hz LCD HDTV (L42FHD2X48) for $650 with free shipping as well. For a TV with those specs, that is an amazing price, indeed.

CompUSA has a fantastic deal on the Toshiba Regza 47ZV650U 47″ 240Hz 1080p LCD HDTV – how about $900, and with free shipping? It always boggles our minds how low prices have gone these days.

Thanks for joining us and see you all later!

Thursday’s HDTV Deals Corner

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0084604270143_215X215Affordable is the word of the day, and these deals should make any HDTV shopper smile and be glad they read Screen Sleuth. Here they are: has some very nice deals on good sized units, including the RCA Scenium 42” 120hz  1080p LCD HDTV for $698.00 – with free shipping too? Yes, indeed. RCA’s quality has improved quite a bit recently, and their prices were always pretty good. Reviews on there are impressive. once again raises the bar for affordability and monster size with the Toshiba 46XV640U 46” 1080p LCD HDTV for $898.00 with free shipping as well.

Thanks for reading, and happy high-res shopping.

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