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eReplacements Replacement Lamp
Model: BP96-01073A-ER
SKU: 277123
1180 Day2000 HourSamsung Projection TVs:HLR5064WHLR6167WHLR4266WHLR5656WHLR6168WHLR5667WAX/XAASP50L6HRHLR1331WX/XACHLR6178WX/XACHLR5078WX/XACSP61L6HRX/XAPHLR6167WX/XAAHLR5067WAX/XAHLR5678WHLR6156WX/XACHLR5066WWX/XAAHLR6164WHLR5667WX/XAAHLR4266WX/XAAPT50DL14HLR4667WHLR6768WHLR5656WX/XAAHLR5667WHLR6168WX/XAAHLR5067WWAX/XAPHLR5078WHLR6167W1X/XAAHLR5066WX/XACHLR6156WHLR5668WX/XAAHLR5056WX/XAAHLR6178WHLR7178WHLR5656WX/XACHLR6767WHLR6168WX/XACHLR5067WX/XAAHLR5078WHLR6167WAX/XAAHLR5067WHLR5688WHLR5678WX/XAAHLR5064WX/XACHLR5667W1X/XAAHLR1331WX/XACHLR4667WHLR6178WX/XAAHLR5078WX/XAAHLR4264WHLR6167WAX/XAPHLR5067W1X/XAAHLR5687WHLR6156WX/XAAHLR5066WThis new Premium Power Products RPTV lamp from eReplacements is 100% compatible with your original OEM Lamp. Refer to your projector's manual for quick and easy replacement instructions. eReplacements lamps come with a six month warranty. Our lamps will meet or exceed the original lamp specifications because they are manufactured for high performance using top quality replacement bulbs manufactured in ISO 9000 factories and the most up to date safety and engineering control standards. Why pay more for an expensive OEM replacement lamp? The is a more economical solution to high priced OEM lamps. Thousands of resellers, dealers and service companies over the years have trusted eReplacements to provide their customers with quality replacement lamps.BP96-01073A-ERChinaDLPLamp for Samsung Rear Projection TelevisionNoPremium Power ProductsProjection TV LampeReplacements, LLC :: E-REPLACEMENTS

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