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RCA 0004447605886
RCA Digital Flat Passive Antenna
Model: 0004447605886
SKU: 0004447605886
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The RCA Digital Flat Passive Antenna is an indoor antenna designed to receive HD, Digital TV, and FM signals for free. You need not constantly adjust this antenna for the best reception. With the 360 degree patented reception technology, it provides clear signal reception when set once. This RCA DTV antenna supports 1080 Resolution Reception which lets you watch your favorite programs on your HDTV. With a unique slim, flat, and sleek design it matches well with your home theater system. You can place the RCA multi-directional antenna both vertically and horizontally or even hang it up from a hook. Getting started with this HD flat antenna is easy as you just have to plug it in to your TV or converter box with the help of the built-in coaxial cable. ::

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