Sunday’s HDTV Deals

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9230735_sbHere they are, it’s a fine Sunday, and we have more great HDTV deals for your consideration:

BestBuySamsung has been very much on the ball with HDTV technology of late, and here’s a Samsung 46” 1080p LCD HDTV for $969.99 with free in-store pickup as well for those near one. Fine deal on a monstrous beast of a TV.

OneCall – We don’t feature this company much, but this Hitachi UT47V702 47″ V Series UltraThin 1080p LCD HDTV for $899.77 with free shipping is a heck of a deal, indeed. Prices continue to fall, and you reap the benefits!

Thanks for checking out this installment of HDTV Deals!

Saturday HDTV Deals

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amazing-dealsYet another roundup of great HDTV deals, courtesy of Screen Sleuth. We’re trying to keep this a semi-regular feature here at SS, and here they are for your perusal: - The Hitachi 32” LCD HDTV + Free Hitachi AVC08U Audio Video Center (great combo!) for $579.99 – 10% discount with this link = $521.99 with free shipping too. Instant entertainment unit at an amazing price.

Walmart – This is just insane – the Vizio VX42LHDTV10A 42″ 720p LCD HDTV for only $598 – with free ship to Store available too. (or $50 otherwise; still an amazing deal). Decent stats for the price: 720p, Contrast ratio: 1000:1, 2 HDMI ports. Grab this one; it could be gone any minute!

Feel free to check these out, and have a great weekend!

New News: Hitachi releases details about 11 new Wooo Plasmas/TVs

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hitachi_ultrathin_xp800_white_040809The unveiling of the 2009 Hitachi Wooo line of panels don’t differ much from their brethren on the outside and share some inside features  (120Hz tech, 250GB HDD equipped models with iVDR slots for more hard drives and Wooonet DLNA network support) but as any HDTV TV fan knows, it’s the inside that counts. And these could give many other companies a run for their money with these specs.

The 4 XP plasmas range from 42″ to 50″ and will feature better contrast ratios, as high as 40,000:1 in one case, with improved colors and energy savings too, as mandated by improvements made by other companies.

The super-thin 35mm / 1.4-inch thick LCDs are back in four cool new models, with UWB connected tuners, auto sensing brightness and green “eco” features too.

The XP line of LCDs has just 3 displays, but like the rest can hook up to the net and interface with Yahoo! Japan’s web TV portal (sadly probably won’t see the light of day when the US versions of these debut later this year).

The XP and Plasmas are scheduled to be available to get our greedy mitts on in Japan in the next month or so, and the ultra-thin line should be debuting around October or so.

Quickie Deals Post (and yes, it’s been awhile)

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hot_dealsWe admit it – it’s been awhile since we posted HDTV deals on here. We’ve been focused on the mess that was (and is) the DTV transition, and other tidbits in the news regarding HDTV. Well, hopefully we earn back your respect with this post, filled with great deals on HDTV goodness. All are subject to selling out/sales ending, of course.

OneCall, digital superstore, has a really nice deal on the Sony KDL-40XBR7 40-inch Bravia XBR Series 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV – $1,770 + free shipping. That’s about the lowest we’ve found on this right now. This one does action about as well as any HDTV on the market (right now anyway), though Sony ain’t cheap as many HDTV fans know.

NewEgg has been around awhile and sometimes offers rally good HDTV deals, like the Hitachi UT32X812 Directors Series 32in 120Hz LCD HDTV Monitor w/ 1.5in UltraThin – $700 + free shipping. And even better, they throw in a free Hitachi AVC08U Audio Video Center with the deal, which makes it super good. has been a popular electronics destination for some time, and they’re featuring the Sharp LC-46D85U 46in 1080p LCD HDTV for only $1288 + here’s a 5% off coupon code for you to use: AFL5 + free shipping = $1233 shipped, which is a very cool deal, indeed.

Feel free to feast on our bounty of HDTV deals, and we hope to continue focusing on more great deals in the days to come once again.

Review: Hitachi P50X902 Director Series 50-inch Plasma

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Crunch Gear has posted a review of the Hitachi 50″ Plasma P50X902 HDTV that they used and wrote up. The site is usually pretty in-depth regarding their reviews, and this one is no exception, going over each facet of the TV from top to bottom, the good the bad and the ugly, with full detailed pictures throughout.

Overall: The TV got excellent marks for its scaler for SD images, and its HD quality and colors are pretty good. Power swivel and viewing angle are very good.

However, the reviewer considers it a bit overpriced at its current retail price level, and there were complaints about its HD imaging at times. The menu system, remote and speakers received low marks too.

Here’s the whole detailed review: Link

Hitachi gets thin and stylish with their Wooo HDTV series

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At CEATEC 2008 in Japan late last week, Hitachi showed off several prototype LCD HDTVs in their recently announced Wooo flat panel line including LCDs with panels a razor-thin 15mm deep (0.6 inches!), plasma panels as thin as 35mm (1.4 inchs) and a 32-inch ultra-light LCD model weighing in at a tiny 10 kg (22 pounds). Thin will be getting even thinner, and more thrifty with your energy bill as well.

Low power utilization will be a primary feature of these TV’s as well. The ultra-light is said to consume about half the power of conventional LCD sets. Hitachi’s goal is to cut power usage of their televisions at least 50% in all their models beginning in 2009, a good point considering large Plasmas and LCDs tend to be quite greedy with power consumption.

Hitachi also showcased several unique and stylish “frames” for their LCD sets which replace traditional black or silver bezels with more unique and creative colors/designs, to help blend your TV in with your interior design. Odds are this will be have some popularity everywhere (depending on the price) but Hitachi is still weighing what options to market in what territory.

One thing is for sure: the flat-panel TV design standards currently in place will need to get a makeover with other companies as well. No pricing details were released as of yet.

Experience Superior Sight and Sound From The Hitachi Ultravision 55HDS69 55″ Plasma HDTV

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Hitachi Ultravision 55HDS69 55″ Plasma HDTV

With all of the advanced features that this plasma television offers, you’ll experience both a crystal clear high definition picture and amazing sound. This 55″ TV has a built-in CableCard, so you can connect this HDTV directly to an HD source to begin experiencing the best picture quality without any hassle. With its wide viewing angle it doesn’t matter where you sit, because you’ll be able to see everything happening on the screen of this Hitachi Ultravision television. As this 55″ plasma television features PictureMaster HD III 1080p processing technology for enhanced contrast, sharpness and color means that you see a picture that is clearer and sharper with the purest colors on an even brighter screen. Along with the large and clear picture, the Ultravision 55HDS69 features a 36-watt three-way speaker system that is capable of producing simulated surround sound and can double as a center-channel speaker for your full surround sound system. So when you’re ready to experience the best picture and sound in a television, then you’ll want to buy the Hitachi Ultravision 55HDS69 55″ Plasma HDTV to anchor your multimedia room.

Hitachi L47V651 47″ V-Series LCD HDTV

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Hitachi L47V651 47″ V-Series LCD Flat-Panel TV

This LCD television is meant to make the most of today’s high-definition format, and will deliver the ultimate in viewing pleasure. The V-Series of televisions from Hitachi feature 2.6 times more pixels than the standard XGA flat-panel screens that are full HD ready. With the latest in image processing the L47V651 is great to watch, and its sleek design make it nice to look at in your media room. You’ll experience crystal clear viewing from almost any angle on this 47″ HDTV, and it produces exceptional results when you connect it to your HD games consoles and Blu-Ray DVD players. With analog and digital tuners and stereo sound, you can enjoy great television now when you buy the Hitachi L47V651 47″ V-Series LCD Flat-Panel TV