Curve Ahead: NEC CRV43 43″ ‘Curved’ HDTV coming in July

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nec_crv_43_1NEC is throwing us all a curve in July with the launch of their “curved” HDTV. 

The 43″ showpiece won’t come cheap: It will retail around the $7,999 mark but it’s…curved and very Jetsons looking. This was first shown at CES 2008 and has a 200 nits brightness rating, 10,000:1 contrast, a razor sharp 2880×900 resolution, 0.02ms “Rapid Response,” will cover 99.3% of the Adobe RGB color range.

Yes, the 32:10 aspect ratio is unusual and gaming won’t be among the top listed uses. And the back does have a bit of bulk (9.7″ wide to be exact) to it that is carefully hidden by the company shot shown here. The price seems a bit on the high side, but hey, if this sort of thing tickles your fancy, feel free to go for it.

Tech News: NEC comes up with new upconverting 1080p chip for TVs

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necc2b5pd9280gm_052809Technology is always moving forward, and that includes the HDTV arena. Improvements on older tech are happening all the time. Take NEC: they’ve developed the µPD9280GM chip designed which can expand and upconvert older pics to 1920×1080 resolution with significantly less blurring, which may impact how upconverting is handled down the road.

Beating the old uPD9245GJ chipset by running at 150Mhz clock speed instead of the previous 108Mhz speed (so it processes images much more quickly, improving action scene processing) and expanding color quality from simple 24-bit to 30-bitcolor (almost at the edge of human color range), it also promises to do its super-res sorcery based on just one frame of picture data instead of needing multiple frames and more addon memory, which will make it faster, more efficient and cheaper to produce.

The chip will start being made in July, and should open the door for more devices with lower-cost, higher quality image upconversion.

A Bright Idea: NEC releasing new “super bright” LCD

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x461hb_lt_nostand_rgb_300For people who need their LCD professional quality, NEC is prepping their newest and brightest new LCD in their MultiSync line, the X461 HB. There’s a reason for the “high-bright” designation; its about as bright an any LCD out there, and is best suited for professional display application.

It includes a eyeball-searing 1500 cd/m² brightness and 3,500:1 contrast ratio too, it’s 112% brighter than NEC’s previous TVs and that’s quite an improvement. Of course, Samsung has them beat with their 70″ “Super Bright” set, but this one is really good for the price.

That price was announced as $3,899 (not cheap, but for this grade of brightness is pretty good), and the model should be available in stores around mid-July or so.

3D Visions: The NEC glasses-free 3D LCD to debut next year

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nec3d_050709It was predicted long ago that 3D would no longer need those dorky multi-colored glasses, and now the Nikkei has learned that NEC is getting ready to debut its glasses-free double-density 3D LCD displays to the market that can display 3D without any need for glasses.

The models will be 12.1-inchers, and will probably end up in arcade games, industrial/CAD design applications or surgery screens when they launch at the beginning of next year, but smaller on the go 3.1″ versions are on the drawing board too, so it’s only a matter of time before this tech is available to everyone, which is good news for all those 3D fanatics out there.

Maybe that overdue 3D revolution is on its way after all.


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