Game and TV in One: New Sony HDTV with built-in PS2 debuts

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Yes, it’s a 720p HDTV and a PS2 gaming console made to play together happily with this very cool Sony model recently debuting overseas. Here’s the skinny:

Sure, the PS3 is what’s hip and happening for Sony game fans, but unless you picked up one of the first generation (chubby) units you have questionable support for the greatest generation of games: those that released for the PS2. But, don’t fret noble gamer, and don’t lament about trading that console in for $15 store credit a few years back. Just buy a new TV! Sony’s KDL-22PX300 LCD has a rather hunky base that conceals a fully working PlayStation 2. That console is fully backwards compatible with O.G. PlayStation games and naturally also plays DVDs but, if that isn’t enough pixels for you, four HDMI ports await the clumsy probes of cables from sources that can better handle the ways of its 720p panel. The set can also serve up video from Sony’s Bravia service over Ethernet or an optional wireless dongle. It’s priced at £200 in the UK, which is just a tick over $300.

A US release is a possibility with some modifications in design of course, but no word on whether that will happen or not.

Big Time: Toshiba Power TV runs on integrated battery

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It seems the world of big screen LED HDTV has merged with the world of built-in batteries in a very nice marriage indeed, according to Toshiba. A 32″ LED HDTV running on a battery? Yes indeed. Read on:

Toshiba just announced its new Power TV family of battery-powered LED TVs. Mind you, these aren’t tiny portables. Toshiba’s PC 1 sets are pushing 32- or 24-inches and are the world’s first (according to Toshiba) to integrate a rechargeable battery good for about two hours of power. Why? Because even people lacking clean, consistent power desire the mind-numbing escape afforded by a large televised football match. The sets feature “auto signal booster” tech to enhance viewing in areas with weak signal coverage and “auto view” to optimize the picture based on ambient lighting conditions.

Now these have many uses, including areas with spotty electric service, or even to take along on a very modern camping trip of some sort.

Vizio Update: New 3D HDTVs and 3D Blu-Ray player announced

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With the race for holiday dominance already begun, Vizio isn’t standing pat, it seems. They announced a gaggle of new products today, including a new 3D Blu-Ray player and 3D HDTV models (mega-slick box for one seen here in the picture). Check it out:

Say hello to the new VIZIO XVT 3D series, while the XVT Pro line announced earlier this year (and that 72-inch model we were drooling over) were not to be, these 42-, 47- and 55-inch HDTVs are real and on sale today through Amazon, Sam’s Club and Target’s online shops and should be on shelves later this month. Features like the number of LED backlighting zones (for the 47- and 55-, the 42-inch features edge LED lighting), claimed contrast ratio, WiFi N and VIZIO Internet Apps are consistent with existing models, so the big addition this time around is 480Hz refresh rate and obviously, 3D readiness (active shutter glasses not included). VIZIO’s also announced two new 3D compatible Blu-ray players to match for $189, plus a new router and some high priced HDMI cables to fill out the lineup.

All prices were not announced at the time, but expect value price points if we know Vizio pretty well.

Mitsu News: Mitsubishi unveils its all-in-one monitor solution

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Sometimes all-in-one can be a good thing, especially when it comes to electronics. Mitsubishi has announced the upcoming release of its 120hz 23″ monitor/HDTV combo unit, and the specs sound pretty cool indeed. Check it out:

Sometimes having a computer monitor and a separate HDTV are just too much for your feng shui to handle, and Mitsubishi is here to enhance your qi with its MDT231WG all-in-one monitor. No, not an all-in-one in that it has a PC built in there, but rather it’s intended to serve double-duty as a computer monitor and an HDTV. Its 120hz refresh rate and 5.5ms response time mean it’ll keep up with Call of Duty, while its 178-degree viewing angle, 5000:1 contrast ratio IPS panel, and integrated 2.1 channel sound system means it should do a decent job at movie playback. And, with a combined power output for all three speakers of 11 watts you won’t even have to worry about waking the neighbors. Right now this is looking like it’ll only be hitting the Japanese market and, while Mitsu hasn’t announced a price yet, we found one for pre-order at ¥118,000 — just over $1,400 and a small price to pay for finding your perfect spot.

That isn’t cheap, mind you, but hey, perfection and clarity for multiple uses has its price.

Adapter-Less 3 Dimensions: Mitsubishi to prepare HDTV line for freeform 3D

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Previous Mitsubishi HDTV models required an adapter to support 3D HDTV, but Mitsu is (as we speak) preparing to launch a new update for the feature. We applaud their efforts, even if we aren’t too sure how 3D will do in the future. Read on:

While its older 3DTVs will still absolutely require an adapter, Mitsubishi is rolling out a software update for its 2010 line of 3D-ready HDTVs that will allow them to process additional forms of 3D video supported by HDMI 1.4 devices. The TVs shipped with only support for checkerboard or side-by-side format 3D, while the new update adds top-bottom (ESPN 3D) and frame packing (Blu-ray 3D) support without requiring an adapter passthrough. Owners of 738 and 838 TVs that are hooked to the internet should start seeing the update soon automatically, or it will be avialable for download from the website. You’ll probably still want to grab a starter kit with IR sync and glasses if you want the Samsung-compatible specs, but DLP-link active shutter 3D glasses should work without any additional hardware at all.

Mitsubishi also updated various sources to state that the software update will launch officially on 11/16.

Thinnest Ever (Again): LG grabs thinnest bezel title with new 37″ unit

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LG seems to be on a ‘thinnest ever’ LCD HDTV title quest lately, we’ve noticed, and they’re at it again with their latest announced release.

Samsung grabbed the title last month with its 55-inch Display, but today LG is moving ahead of Sammy with a nearly nonexistent frame around its new 37-inch LCD unit that’s guaranteed to turn a few heads, especially as it migrates to larger screens in their line.

Here’s the stats: There’s 2.5mm of bezel on the bottom and right side of the screen, and 1.5mm on the top and left sides, resulting in a microscopic 4mm (0.16 inches) of separation, which is about as small as it can get and still actually have a bezel present.

We appreciate the race to slickness, but now its getting a little silly in our opinion. Thinner doesn’t always equal better, with people or HDTVs.

Speaking of 3D… LG goes BIG

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Yes, it seems LG is going big time into the 3D HDTV world, if announcements are to be believed. News of an 72″ 3D HDTV behemoth are emerging from their headquarters, and the TV was put on display as well. We bring you more details:

If you’re going to make the jump to 3D then don’t pussyfoot around. Not when you can go all in with the world’s largest commercial 3D LED backlit television from LG. The 72LEX9 stretches that 400Hz TruMotion panel to a full 72 inches while bunging NetCast online media streaming, Spot Control pixel dimming, DLNA, and Wireless AV Link into the mix. Look for it to be released in Q2 of 2011.

That makes it the biggest 3D equipped LCD TV in existence, and that’s pretty cool indeed. And you all know we’ve supported and endorsed LG as one of the best LCD brands around.

Slim Chance: Samsung debuts new 55″ Ultra Slim bezel model

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Ever thinner profiles and bezels seem to be the new goal of many HDTV companies right now, and it seems Samsung is no exception in this race. Witness this new creation that was announced recently:

Remember the world’s thinnest bezel separation touted by Sharp just this past June? Forget about it. Samsung has bested its Japanese competitor with the unveiling of a new 55-inch Digital Information Display panel that features bezels of 3.8mm on the top and left edges and 1.9mm on the bottom and right, leading to a positively svelte 5.7mm distance between the content of neighboring displays. That good stuff is augmented with Full HD resolution and a blinding 700 nits of brightness. There’ll also be a 46-inch model that offers a 7.6mm separation (hint: that’s still pretty damn thin), though we’ve yet to learn on when and where aspiring home cinema nuts might be able to obtain either screen.

No prices announced yet either, but the pic here stirs the imagination for certain. We’ll bring more news when it becomes available.

The Saturday Afternoon HDTV Deals Post

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If you get the reference in the title to this post, congratulate yourself and take a look at these great HDTV deals (well, look at them either way): – A nice deal on a primo unit: The Sony BRAVIA KDL-46NX810 46” Full HD 3D 1080p LCD TV for $2298.00 with free shipping too. Lots of great features and a great price make this worth a look. – We love us some LG, and this is a very good deal, indeed: The LG 37LH55 37” 1080p 240Hz LCD HDTV for $719.77 with free shipping as well tops off this awesome offer.

Thanks for reading and keep on visiting our happy blog for more HDTV fun and news.

3D Goes 4D: Sharp releases Quattron HDTVs to the US

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It appears Sharp is still busily engineering in their labs, and marketing directly to the states for the first time in awhile: they’re announcing the soon-to-be-released line of Quattron 3D HDTV models to the US. See more about their engineering feats here:

Sharp made US 3D fans very happy today by announcing the immediate availability of its new 52 and 60-inch AQUOS Quattron 3D TVs at CEDIA. The LED backlight side-mount scanning LE925 series starts at $4199 with the bigger brother going for $5299, feature two pairs of 3D glasses bundled in, a dynamic contrast ratio of 8,000,000:1 and IP control plus RS-232 for home automation fans. The Ethernet port or optional WiFi adapter can also be used to stream Netflix, VUDU or a variety of other over the top video services. What’s interesting is that Sharp is claiming its 4th color (yellow) Quattron technology offers a brighter image which can overcome the dimming, that 3D glasses are known for. Also, a first is that the 3D glasses can convert the 3D signal to 2D for that one 3D hatter in your party (not to be confused with the TV’s ability to convert 2D material to 3D).

We love the fancy new tech, hopefully it does well enough to be emulated in some form by other companies.

Newness News: Toshiba releasing LED HDTV series in the US

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Toshiba hasn’t been quiet all this time, they’re releasing a group of gorgeous Toshiba HDTVs that was previewed at IFA, and they’re coming to a living room near you, assuming you’re in the USA.

Just as we expected, Toshiba has come out with the US variants of its well-regarded LED-based Cinema Series, with the big-time WX800 models (46- and 55-inches) getting 3D Resolution+ technology, 240Hz processor, 802.11b/g/n WiFi included, the company’s own Enhanced NET TV service with the always fun Yahoo! widgets and a native 1080p panel too. We’re out of breath from all that, and you may be too when you get this in your living room.

The lower end VX700 models (again, 46- and 55-inches) is meant for those ok with 2D (read: most of us right now), but are fairly similar aside from that.

Thursday’s (Again) Thrilling HDTV Deals

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The last time these deals were thrilling was here. It’s been awhile, so let’s revisit the thrill once again: has a very nice Panasonic TC-L42D2 42” 1080p 120Hz LED LCD HDTV for $823.00 – 4% off coupon we supply you with: “AFL4COUPON” = $790.08 with free shipping. For LED that’s pretty amazing we have to say.

Tiger Direct has a great deal on a top of the line smaller model: the AOC LE23H062 23″ Edgelit LED HDTV for $230 + $9 shipping = $239 shipped. First class tech, third class price; the kind of deals we love.

Thanks for reading and join us again soon for more amazing deals!

THX Jazz: LG announces fancy new Plasma HDTV units

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Remember when we said Plasma was almost dead? Well, perhaps its death may have been exaggerated a tad bit, it seems…as LG announced the launch of fancy new Plasma units coming soon – with THX certification. More details below:

LG is touting its plasma PX950 as the first THX-certified 3D HDTV, and while we didn’t run into it at IFA, the company held a press gathering this week in New York to make up for it. So if this set meets THX’s rigorous demands — 400 bench tests and 1,000 data points spread out over 30 test categories — how does it look to the average consumer? Well, LG certainly has done a lot to prevent ghosting — that is, image doubling from sync issues with the glasses — and we were able to enjoy some pretty extreme horizontal viewing angles.

We heard some rumors about blurring with high-speed images at the showing though, so buyer may need to beware, perhaps. No firm prices announced yet, but we’re expecting a several hundred dollar premium over the normal Plasma HDTV unit.

Try This: Saturday Afternoon HDTV Fever

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Well the title isn’t quite as catchy as the famous 70′s dance movie, but hey, we do our best. Once again we present our infamous HDTV deals section for your pleasure: – Here’s a Toshiba 55UX600U 55″ 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV with Net TV for $1499 with free shipping. Add to cart to see special price. Great specs and internet goodness too, how can you go wrong?

Best Buy – The LG 55LD520 55″ 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV for $1298 with free shipping is a heck of a deal, and here it is. We love us some LG, and this is a great price for a monster size.

Thanks for reading and join us tomorrow for more hi-res hijinks.

More IFA News: Sharp releases a gaggle of new LCD TVs

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What is a gaggle exactly? A lot, we guess…anyway, IFA brought more nice new announcements as Sharp stepped forward with a slew of new Quattron HDTVs to be coming to an electronics store near you in the near future. We always love covering new stuff, so here’s the scoop via Engadget:

Just in case those George Takei commercials didn’t clue you in that Sharp was serious about Quattron, the company has announced four new TV lines at IFA sporting yellow as a fourth subpixel color. At the top of the list, the Quattron 3D-enabled LE925 line will be available in 60-inch or 46-inch sizes and feature Sharp’s proprietary high-speed FRED LCD signal processing technology along with side-mounted scanning LED backlighting — which like the LV Series — is touted to produce 1.8x better brightness than competing sets and reduce 3D crosstalk. Aquos Net+ connectivity is thrown in too, along with 2D-to-3D conversion, a digital triple tuner and 8GB of built-in flash memory for timeshift recording. Playing second fiddle to this overachiever are the 2D-only LE924E, LE824E and LE814E series, which will also feature Aquos Net+.

As with most products at this show, exact prices and release timeframes aren’t available. But this line promises some of the best specs on any recent HDTV releases.

Monday’s Mad HDTV Offers

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Not mad as in ‘angry’, mad as in crazy good. There. Now that’s we’ve settled that little mystery, allow us to list some really great HDTV offers for this fine Monday:

Sams Club has the Vizio M221NV 22″ Razor LED 1080p 60Hz HDTV for $239 – with free shipping. The finest in bedroom watching devices out there right now, pretty much, and for a song too! Valid only for a few days, so jump on this one.

Best Buy has a great deal on a decent size HDTV: The 46″ Insignia NS-40E560A11 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV for $899. Amazing. Make sure to select in-store pickup to save on shipping, otherwise it’s $70 to ship, but even that is really amazing for LED HDTV of this size.

Thanks for reading and have a good one!

Seeing the Light: LG to release a new HDTV with ‘Nano LED’ feature

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LG is one of our fav companies out there now in the HDTV world, and now they’re releasing a HDTV model with some cool sounding new tech that should serve to make HDTV more fun and brighter to watch, it seems. Read on to see more details:

Now that LED backlighting has trickled down to nearly every HDTV lineup, it appears the big manufacturers will have to find new ways to differentiate their products, like LG’s upcoming LEX8 television. Set to debut at IFA in Berlin before going on sale in Germany and Korea next month (no word on the US), LG claims that thanks to a ‘thin film of miniscule dots positioned in front of a full array of LEDs’ its Nano Lighting technology — perhaps of the Nanosys variety it licensed earlier this year — makes for a clearer, smoother picture, with the slimmest and narrowest outline of any LED TV, ever, at just .88cm thick with a 1.25cm bezel.

Prices/exact availability hasn’t been released yet, but we aren’t expecting super soon – or super cheap.

Mid-Range Joy: Sony announces new middle of the road 3D HDTV choices

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We all love a good deal, but some like their prices squarely in the middle. Not too expensive, but not the bottom of the line either. Sony is happy to oblige apparently, as they have announced new 3D HDTV choices that should be more wallet pleasing. Read onward:

Sony’s finally taken the wraps off its latest televisions for the US market, carrying the NX810 model number. Available in 60-, 55- and 46-inch sizes next month, these give a 3D spec bump (and around a $200 premium on the MSRP) to the existing NX800 series of Edge LED lit HDTVs that came out earlier this year. Like the NX800, these feature a slick monolith design, built-in WiFi, widgets and an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the picture in changing room conditions, but other than the 3D-readiness (and coupons for free Blu-ray 3D movies and PSN games, though it looks like you’ll have to pay for the glasses on your own) it’s hard to find any differences on paper.

Good stuff, lower prices are something we can always agree on.

Loaded and Ready: Mitsu launches new 3D HDTV line in Japan

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Mitsubishi Japan has stepped up as a serious player in the 3D HDTV arena it seems. Mitsu announced 3 brand new, full HDTVs for your home theater pleasure, and they look pretty loaded for bear, even if they certainly aren’t cheap at all.

Much like the Panasonics that got unleashed recently (and a strong new trend in HDTVs), all three have the ability to record to their hard drives or Blu-ray. We like the new feature, even if we aren’t huge fans of the increased price tag that comes with it usually.

Spec-wise, they’ve got full 1080p HD, backlit LCDs, 1TB HDD built-in, a ten speaker Diatone system for pretty good sound, USB and SD slots, and HDMI slots. The sets, which come in 40, 46, and 55-inches, also come with a pair of 3D glasses included for 3D joy.

They’ll be available in Japan in early October (to follow on other shores we’re sure at some point) for around $3,500, $4,700 and $5,900 (!!), respectively. Those price points might keep some away, but the HDTV fan with deep pockets may have found something to follow closely.

Wednesday’s Wacky HDTV Offers

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We always love a good deal, don’t we HDTV fans? Well, here’s a nice little selection of offers for your perusal: has the Panasonic TC-P42G25 42″ Viera G25 Series Plasma HDTV for $909 with free shipping as well. Use the Add to cart to see the sale price. Very nice deal on one of the newer, neater Pannys out there right now.

Walmart has a Proscan 47LED55SA 47″ LED 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV for $799 with free shipping, which is amazing considering the size and its decent ratings too. Check it out!

Thanks for reading and keep on visiting us for more HDTV deals and developments.

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